Can Beagles Live In Apartments?
[The ultimate guide]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Beagles are loyal. They are intelligent, and they love attention. They are also hugely energetic, loud, and fiercely independent when it comes to their food and drink.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering, can Beagles live in apartments? There are lots of things to consider when making this decision, and we’ll go through them all in detail, so you can make an informed decision that is the right option for you and your dog.

Does your apartment block allow dogs?

The first thing you need to consider actually doesn’t directly involve the dog and can be easily overlooked. If you’re living in an apartment, you may be aware of its peculiarities, of its nooks and crannies, but have you considered things from a dog’s point of view?

One of the most important things you need to check is, are you allowed dogs in your apartment block? It can be easy in the excitement of getting a new companion to forget that animals might not be permitted in the building. You must check with your landlord or building owner before you make any big decisions.

If animals are permitted, great! There are essential other details to consider, though, regarding bringing a beagle into an apartment, and one of these is the impact it could have on your neighbors.

If you’ve lived in an apartment or similar accommodation, you might be painfully aware of this scenario. It’s 2 am, you have work tomorrow, and the dog upstairs won’t stop barking. You toss and turn, you put a pillow over your ears, nothing. You manage two hours of sleep and head to work entirely out of it, dreading your shift. Is this something you want to put your neighbors potentially through? You don’t want to be that person.

Beagles can be loud, very, very loud. Descended from hunting dogs, they have a noisy bark, considerably louder than other breeds similar in size. They love attention, and if you’re away from your apartment all day and can’t get back to check-in, there is potential for your beloved beagle to be too vocal during your absence. They also have incredibly powerful noses, so many new smells and aroma could be confusing/enticing, leading to even more noise.

How much exercise do Beagles need?

You should also think of your beagle’s physical well-being. As mentioned, being derived from hunter dogs, they have a lot of energy. Is it fair to keep your dog locked in an apartment all day if you’re unable to get back?

All dogs require walks, that should go without saying, but being wildly energetic, beagles should be given a particularly taxing walk daily. Does your apartment have enough space to allow your dog to stretch its legs and not feel overly cooped up? If you think your apartment is small with just you in it, then chances are, adding a beagle might not be the smartest idea.

Are you able to provide your beagle with its own space? I’m not talking about a whole spare room or a games room, but a little area he or she can call its own. Due to their hunter instincts, beagles can be very protective over their food and drink, so ideally, you will need an area where they can eat and drink in peace.

We also need to talk about toilet matters. Do you have enough room for a pee or grass mat for your beagle? If not, it is perfectly reasonable for your dog to go where they feel comfortable, mostly if not housetrained.

You’re probably aware of the term ‘babyproofing,’ and dogs need to be thought of similarly. As I’ve mentioned, Beagles have a ton of energy, so make sure there is nothing valuable lying around or anything that could hurt your dog. It may sound trivial, but the last thing you want is an expensive vet bill. Decluttering your apartment not only gives you the advantage of having a tidy living space, but it also keeps things simple for your dog, and they will soon realize what it can and can’t interact with.

Ideal scenario: Your apartment allows pets; you have a great space for your beagle; he or she is housetrained and hardly barks. There are still exterior things to consider to ensure that your potential new roommate is completely happy.

Are there suitable areas in your neighborhood for your dog to exercise?

Are there suitable areas in your neighborhood for your dog to get the exercise it really needs? If you live in the center of a city, open spaces might be limited and sidewalks cramped. It is not fair on your dog if you can’t provide it with the exercise it needs, so please bear this in mind. Researching local dog parks is a must before considering bringing a beagle to your apartment, and ideally, you’ll have one in close vicinity to your home.

What kind of personality do Beagles have?

Regarding temperament, I’ve already touched upon the fact that Beagles need a lot of attention, and they are also highly expressive. Separation anxiety is absolutely a thing for dogs, and beagles are no exception. Being apart from their owner all day, especially if they are not used to it, can be extremely distressing for your beagle, and you may see it act out. If you decide to bring a beagle into an apartment environment, you should not consider leaving it alone for a considerable amount of time.

Some dogs are fine to sleep all day if their owners are away. Still, beagles require attention, and a lack of it could lead to a misbehaving animal, which would be entirely reasonable considering the circumstances.

Beagles love to play, so keep this in mind. Any of your traditional dog toys will do the trick, but remember to consider space. If you and your dog are playing fetch in an area of 2m square, it’s not ideal. With their high energy, you could be playing a while, but it can also keep your beagle entertained during your absence. A chew toy can provide hours of fun and make potential separation anxiety easier, while a rawhide bone is not only great for teeth but also keeps your dog entertained. Be sure to clean up any loose bits when you get home, though, as they can be sharp and cause injury to both dog and owner!

Beagles are intelligent dogs, so if you are seriously thinking about introducing him or her to your apartment, you might want to consider training if you are getting a puppy or purchasing a trained dog. This can help with setting boundaries in your apartment space and makes things fairer for all parties. Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t purchase an older beagle, as contrary to the famous saying, they can learn new tricks. You may find it is more of an effort training an older dog, though.

Younger beagles (up until around two years old) can be extremely hyperactive. Is this something you can deal with in your apartment? It’s also worth pointing out that the beagle can be quite a smelly dog. Yes, they’re adorable and full of love and kisses, but they can also stink the apartment up. You may get used to it, and baths and frequent washing of course helps, but it’s certainly something to consider if you have lots of people to visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beagles live in apartments?

The short answer is yes! It does take a lot of work, though, and there are similarly sized dogs who will settle easier. They can be noisy and hyperactive (especially as an adolescent), but the beagle is absolutely worth it if you are prepared to put in the effort.

How much exercise do beagles need?

A lot. Being derived from hunter dogs, beagles love to run around and follow scents to their heart’s content. Take this into account before committing to a beagle, is your apartment big enough? Research local dog parks, and plan out local walks in your head. Beagles can be prone to obesity and should not be kept in all day without exercise.

Can Beagles be left alone?

Beagles are not the type of dog that can be easily left alone while you’re at work. They love attention, and being hyperactive, they may struggle and act out if left alone a considerable amount of time. I would look into popping home during a lunch break or perhaps hire a dog walker so your four-legged friend is not left a considerable time on their own. Beagles are also loud and may bark non-stop if distressed. You should not only think about your dog’s wellbeing but that of your neighbors. It’s not fair to anyone.


In summary, beagles can absolutely live in apartments, but it will take work, as mentioned throughout. Beagles may be energetic and have a loud bark, but they’re incredibly loyal, will treasure your attention, and be a faithful companion.

You should ensure that your apartment block allows dogs, and importantly, make sure it is somewhere suitable for your dog to exercise. Be considerate of your neighbors, and if you can’t get home during the day, make sure you find someone who can.

Beagles can make good indoor dogs, and if you were on the fence with your decision, I hope this guide helps.