Why Do Beagles Like To Cuddle?

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Beagles are known for their warm and compassionate behavior. Cuddling comes naturally to them, and they are effortless at this activity. However, some people might wonder if their beagle likes to cuddle or not, which is a valid concern.

Cuddling is a way to show affection that is enjoyed by everyone, from beagles to humans. If your pet enjoys snuggling or sleeping next to you, then don’t hesitate. As their owner, you should timely shower them with your love and affection.

We believe that beagles are fun to cuddle out of many dog breeds due to their size and adorable nature.

Why Does Your Beagle Crave Cuddles?

If you have a beagle that cannot get enough of you, you must be very special to them! In that case, congratulations on being an excellent dog owner. 

However, if you want to learn about the actual reasons behind why beagles like to cuddle, then don’t look any further.

Our dog experts have observed beagles’ behavior, and here’s what they have to say about your canine friends. As a dog lover, we are sure you will enjoy reading about them.

Physical Touch Means Love

There’s a theory of attachment styles in psychology that states how several humans feel love differently. This theory could also be true for our beloved pets, maybe beagles love through touch, and that is their way of expressing compassion. 

As dog owners, we should encourage cuddling and show affection to each other. Expressing appreciation should not be difficult because all dog breeds, and especially beagles, are incredibly lovable.

The Feeling Of Warmth

Your embrace can make your Beagle feel warm and comfy. A person’s heat is irreplaceable and can not be substituted by showers or blankets, even in beagles. 

So it is safe to assume that beagles love to cuddle because they want to feel warm and loved. As humans who understand this feeling, we should never deprive body heat when a beagle willingly seeks it.

A Sense Of Security

The feeling of being safe and sound is something that every dog loves, including your beagle. Beagles know their owners are beside them, and nothing can harm them in their pet parent’s embrace. 

The level of safety beagles feel in your arms makes them want to cuddle more. We cannot blame them here because who doesn’t like to cuddle?

Parental Bonds

The bond between dogs and their owners is similar to children and parents. The relationship of a caregiver or parent with the beagle can be so strong that they crave physical touch at all times. 

Cuddling is a way to amplify this emotion, and therefore friendly beagles love to cuddle with their owners. Maybe, your beagle thinks of you as their dad or mom, and cuddling with you brings them immense joy.

The Feel-Good Hormone

Do beagles like to cuddle because it is physically and mentally rewarding? Yes! Similar to humans, dogs release oxytocin when showered with acts of love such as cuddling. 

The release of oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, comes with numerous health benefits, including reduced stress levels for both beagles and their owners. Not just cuddling, oxytocin is also released when beagles stare at us with their puppy eyes.

Reasons That Make Your Beagle Not Want To Cuddle

As harsh as it sounds, some beagles might not want to cuddle. It sounds odd and heartbreaking to dog owners, but they must learn to accept their beagles no matter the circumstance. 

Learn why your beagle is distant and doesn’t like to cuddle like other dogs. Your pet’s behavior is valid with sound reasoning to back it up; we are sure that even you would agree with your beagle on this one!

The Weather

How often do you like to stick to other humans when the weather is hot? The last thing you want to do while sweating is being hugged and mushed by another human. 

We understand that cuddling is an attempt to show affection, but it can be exhausting for your beagle. If they are a family dog, it might be even more challenging because everyone tries to squish them out of affection.

A Part Of Their Personality

Humans have developed many models to define our personality, yet there seems to be no perfect model because behavior is a complex thing to grasp. 

Much like humans, dogs also have character, and not wanting to cuddle or not being touchy could be a part of theirs. They do not have anything personal against you; they just do not like to cuddle.

Their Puppy Stage

During their puppy stage, beagles only want to explore. They might not want to sit in one place and look at you with their puppy eyes for a long time. 

Allow them to roam freely in your home and try to show affection without touch. We are sure that your pet will appreciate some personal space, especially in their puppy stage.

Discomfort Or Disease 

Physical ailments could also be a common reason for your beagle not wanting to cuddle. Your dog could be suffering from pain in their joint or organ, triggered after you cuddle them due to pressure on that area. 

Naturally, your pet would be inclined to move away even when you are trying to show affection because they are in pain.

The Benefits Of Cuddling For Humans & Dogs

Humans and dogs love to cuddle, especially with each other. Humans feel wholesome whenever they are in the presence of their beloved pet. Cuddling is an act of love and affection; it helps to release stress and shoots a stream of feel-good hormones into your system. 

Spending time with your dog is a great escape from our meandering lives filled with tension. On the other hand, dog breeds like beagles who crave attention enjoy cuddling because they feel wanted and loved.

The Demerits Of Overflowing Attention In Dogs

Everything in the extreme can be harmful, which also applies to something sweet like cuddling and genuinely loving your dog. Cuddling can sometimes have adverse effects if your beagle is overexposed because once you leave them for even a short time, they might experience separation anxiety

This phenomenon is common in dogs, and it occurs when a dog feels that its owner doesn’t show affection or pay attention. Even the slightest events can trigger it, so over-pouring love is something that we should avoid during the puppy years of your beagle training.


Understanding your pet is the first step towards creating solid bonds. Dog owners should know about their pet’s behavioral patterns. 

We appreciate the effort you took to learn about your beagle and cuddling. Now that you have more clarity on the subject, we expect you to understand that beagles may or may not enjoy cuddling.

It is a matter of preference and external circumstances that influence their decision. A beagle puppy might feel fantastic to cuddle with, but it also needs space and freedom.

 Hopefully, you are not smothering your beagle out of affection; if that sounds like you, then give your dog a break! Because we can show healthy amounts of love through actions other than cuddling.