Do Dogs Get Sad During Board and Train?

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: 27

You love your dog. They brighten up your day. With that said, they may have some behavioral issues that need to be addressed. In order to have the happiest, healthiest relationship with your pup, they need to understand commands and listen to them. They also need proper socialization. Whether they are a puppy or an adult dog, you will want to ensure your dog responds to commands, is polite, and is calm.
There are a variety of different training methods that are available. One popular method is board and train. But what is board and train? And if your dog is away, will they get depressed? Will they even forget you?
Below is more information about board and train, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is Board and Train?

Board and train is a training program that involves the owner leaving their pup with a trainer for a period of time. During the training period, your dog either lives at a facility or stays with a trainer. Board and train is an excellent option for dogs that need a little extra care and may have more advanced behavioral issues.
A lot of pet owners think aggression, moodiness, and other behavior issues are a matter of the breed of the dog or previous ownership. This is especially so if the pet owner rescued their dog from a shelter. The truth is even more advanced issues can be fixed, and the breed of the dog is a minor factor in their ability to be trained. While certain breeds have certain tendencies, all dogs can be properly trained and socialized. Whether you have a pit bull mix or a purebred golden retriever, they can be socialized, taught basic commands, and can have behavioral issues addressed. No matter how old your dog is, their breed, their sex, or any other factor, your dog can be helped. It just may take some additional time and attention.

Types of Board and Train

When it comes to board and train programs, there are two main types: Kennel and In-Home.
Kennel board and train programs involve the dog staying at a kennel. They are often in a facility with other dogs. When they aren’t actively being trained or taken out for exercise, they generally stay in their kennel.
In-Home board and train programs, on the other hand, involve the dog residing at the trainer’s home for the duration of the program. This is a cage-free method for the most part. They will learn the rules of the house, receive walks, and learn their commands. If there are problematic behaviors, these issues will be addressed.
The duration of the stay varies depending on the dog. It may be as little as 2-3 weeks, and it may be as long as 4-6 weeks. Which option is right for you will depend on your budget, the specific needs of your dog, and other factors. To learn more about board and train programs and the board and train program offered by Stayyy, reach out today. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Will My Dog Be Depressed?

Dogs respond to boarding in different ways. Initially, boarding can be stressful for a dog. This is particularly so in a boarding facility. They may be a bit depressed, which can include symptoms like not eating. With that said, your dog will adjust over time—especially when they are receiving care from caring and well-trained professionals.
At-home boarding provides more opportunities for your dog to be outside of a cage and work with/hang out with the trainer. They will likely become fast friends in no time! With that said, boarding in a facility will also allow for interactions with trainers and even other dogs.

Will My Dog Recognize Me After?

Of course! Dogs remember their owners for a long period of time. This may even be years! A short trip to a boarding facility or a stay with a dog trainer won’t ruin your bond with your pup. In fact, they’ll be super happy to see you when you pick them up from boarding!

Tips for Boarding

When you make the decision to board and train your dog, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind…

Make the Experience a Positive One

While you know what’s going on and it may be depressing to go a few weeks without seeing your dog, your pup doesn’t understand the context. By freaking out and showing a lot of anxiety when you drop off your dog, it will make the initial experience very stressful for your pup. It’s hard enough for them to become acclimated to their new environment. Stressing them out when you drop them off won’t help matters. Instead, put on a positive face and be calm when leaving your dog with a trainer. Don’t worry! You’ll see them soon.

Pack Necessary Materials

Make sure you have everything packed and ready for when you drop off your dog at a facility or at the home of your trainer. This includes:

  • Favorite toys
  • Dog food
  • Bed
  • Bowl

These familiar items will make the experience a little more comfortable for your dog.
Make sure you provide enough dog food for the duration of their stay if your dog eats a particular brand or type of dog food. If they have any dietary restrictions, let the trainer know. They also may be provided with food by the facility, but the facility may charge you and likely won’t have the same brand your dog is currently eating. Ask about the food situation so you can be prepared.

If you are ready to take your dog to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE assessment where together we can discuss behaviors you want to eliminate and all the concerns you may have regarding your dog.

Stick with The Program!

Once you come to pick your dog up, make sure you continue the program the trainer has started. It’s exciting to have your dog back. Don’t let that excitement get in the way of continuing with the training they have received. Otherwise, those weeks away weren’t worth it. If you don’t have the time or commitment to continue training your dog after board and train, it won’t be worth the money you spent and the time and effort the trainer put into training your dog.
With that said, if you continue the training, you’ll find your dog listens better to commands and has let go of their problematic behaviors.

Stayyy Board and Train Program

The Stayyy board and train program is perfect for dogs of all ages, genders, and breeds. We offer a specialized approach that is tailored to meet the needs of your specific dog. We take any behavioral issues into consideration and focus on removing those behaviors. We then replace them with positive behaviors. Remember—learned behaviors can be unlearned. Even if you have an older dog, they can be taught to express themselves in an appropriate way with the right training.
For more information about the board and train program provided by Stayyy, reach out today! We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and get your pup enrolled in the program.

Other Training Options

If you’ve decided board and train isn’t the right choice for you, no problem. There are a lot of other training options that may be available to meet your needs. Below are a few of the other training programs provided by Stayyy:

Private Training

Our top trainers are available for private sessions! These private training sessions can be provided at your home, one of our facilities, or another dog-friendly area. During private training, you’ll be working one-on-one with an expert dog trainer. Not only will your dog learn obedience and basic commands, but you’ll also learn how to be a better pack leader. Your dog looks to you for guidance. We’ll work with you to project the confidence and leadership your dog needs from you to succeed.

Group Training

For dogs that have the basics down, we offer group training. This form of training is an excellent way for your dog to learn to better socialize with others and build their pack mentality. We offer group training at our facilities and in other dog-friendly areas.

Puppy Training

If you have a little ball of fluff, you may be a candidate for our puppy training. We offer training to puppies that are at least 12 weeks old. During puppy training, your dog will learn commands, how to focus on you, hand signals, and more. They will also be provided with lots of opportunities for socialization. The younger you can get your puppy socialized, the better!
With the right training from an early age, your dog will grow to be a well-behaved, happy, and friendly adult dog.
Keep in mind that—for more advanced behavioral issues—board and train may be the best option available.

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