Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs?
[Everything you need to know]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Huskies are very friendly animals, and everyone loves them. They are also very intelligent as well as athletic. If you’re looking for a dog who has an incredible quantity of energy and warmth, then you should consider a Siberian husky. Huskies are known for their intelligence and high level of energy. 

They also have an inseparable bond with their families, making them one of the best breeds to get as a family member. You should be prepared for a lot of energy shown by Siberian huskies from the moment they come into your home, and that is something you will not get tired of. Huskies are very kind and gentle creatures that can be great companions for any family.

Huskies are very social and love to be with their pack or family members. They were bred to work in cold environments as sled dogs, as well as be a household guardian. Huskies are not meant to be left alone for long periods of time without their pack or family. Their lifespan is estimated at 12-15 years, but they can live much longer than that if properly cared for.

Huskies are not the easiest to train but can learn tricks quickly because they have a very high prey drive. They also make excellent family pets who love children and other animals. Steeped in history with some myths surrounding them, the husky has become an iconic dog breed loved the world over. 

Do Huskies get along with other dogs?

Believe it or not, Huskies don’t run solo. They are pack dogs and live a life better than one without companion dogs. Huskies are high-energy, intelligent, and mischievous. They are very social and love to be with their pack or family members. 

A very important thing for Husky is that they have an ally in their life who can understand them. If your dog doesn’t have another animal in his life to play with him, then you should consider getting a companion for him.

If you don’t want to get a second pet, you should make sure that he has access to other human friends regularly so that he doesn’t feel lonely. 

So, one-word answer, Yes. Huskies get along with other dogs.

What dogs get along with Huskies?

The ideal companion would be another dog that will keep them company and have complementary characteristics or match completely with a Husky. This means your next dog has to be ready to exercise and smart with a friendly personality. To make this task easier for you, I’ve done the research and curated a list of dog breeds (in no particular order) that will get along very well with your husky. What’s the wait! Let’s go!

  • Labrador

Labradors are energetic, friendly, and obedient. This means they are very much like Huskies, and yes, they do get along well. Labradors also make excellent family pets and will be patient with children as long as they are not rough-handed. 

Labradors, like huskies, have a high prey drive as well. So, they will end up finding something interesting to chase in order to stay entertained for hours on end. Having another dog in their life who can keep up with them and accompany them in their playtime is highly promoted.

  • Alaskan Malamute

Also known as wolfdogs, Alaskan Malamutes are bigger than Huskies but less active than them. Although the breed won’t necessarily be active all the time during playfights and other activities with the Husky, it can definitely hold its own. 

Alaskan Malamutes are difficult to train, are quite stubborn, and a definite “no” if you are looking for a dog to teach some cute tricks.

Keep in mind; if you are comparatively not used to difficult to train dogs, these two breeds can be a deadly combo. 

  • Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds have one of the most similar personalities to Huskies. They are energetic and quite active, just like your Husky. However, one major difference between them is that Australian Shepherds are trainable and relatively easier to manage than Huskies. 

An interesting fact about both breeds is that they are often bred together to give birth to the Aussie Husky dog breed. 

  • Golden Retriever

The popular family dog is a good choice to be a Husky’s companion too! Even though Goldens are notorious for being lazy, the fact is that they are playful and love being a part of things. Golden Retrievers and Huskies are both kind and caring by nature. So, the duo is a good one to have at home.

  • Dalmatian

Dalmatians are a very friendly breed of dog that is known for their intelligence. They are easily trained and often love playing with children, but they do require some space to roam around and enjoy their physical activities. 

An important thing to note is that Dalmatians require more physical activity than Huskies, so be prepared for that! There’s something about these two breeds, though, that just connects. Huskies and Dalmatians seem to enjoy each other’s company a lot, and we are here for it!

  • Border Collie

One thing that we often forget about Border Collies is their capacity to show affection from an early age. This is one reason why they make great family pets because they can bond with people and other pets at a young age and learn how to behave in the household over time.

This, along with their energy and stamina, makes them a great partner be of Huskies. Border Collies are fond of playtime, as much as Huskies are, and both of them will love having each other. 

  • Standard Poodle

The Standard Poodle is considered to be an intelligent dog breed and is often used in shows and competitions. Being a large active dog, they require quite a bit of exercise, but their temperament makes them perfect for families with children.

Also, highly energetic, standard poodles can play rough, as well as stand their own. This means that playtime with them will be highly enjoyable for a Husky! Standard Poodles are also easier to train than Huskies, so you might like that. 

Both require good amounts of exercise and aren’t the best choice together if you are new to pet-parenting!

Do Huskies And German Shepherds Get Along?

German Shepherds and Huskies are two different breeds of dogs that have been bred for different purposes. In the case of German Shepherds, the breed was originally bred to hunt large game, including wild boar and deer, while Huskies were bred to pull sleds over long distances. 

German Shepherds are intelligent breeds of dogs that are easily trainable, obedient, and social animals. They can be somewhat protective of their humans, but with proper training, they will live in harmony with other pets and people in the family.

The German Shepherd and Husky combination works well because both the dogs need just as much activity and workout, and that is the number one thing to check for in the compatibility of two dogs. Not one of them will feel lonely or frustrated due to not being able to vent their energy because the other will accompany them to play and get the needed dose of exercise. 

Another beautiful similarity between the two is their kindness and caring nature. Both of these dogs are highly intelligent and can quickly learn new tricks, making them a joy to train as well. 

The two breeds are different but get along very well in households. 

Do Huskies kill other dogs?

Asking “Do Huskies kill other dogs?” is like asking, “Do people kill other people?”. The answer is yes and no!

Just like not every person kills, neither do Huskies. It is purely subjective and situational. 

Incidents where a Husky has killed another dog have taken place, but they aren’t so big in number that we consider “killing” to be a behavioral trait of the breed. 

Understanding that Huskies are prey-driven by nature will answer a lot of your questions in the first place. Huskies are strong, athletic, and instinctively looking to hunt. Although they will hardly begin a quarrel, another dog getting aggressive with them doesn’t help either.  

However, as a family dog, Huskies pose no threat to their members or children. A Husky is quite caring, kind, and loyal to its human. 

Are Huskies aggressive towards other dogs?

Huskies are quite friendly dogs. They are called one of the best family dogs for a reason. They are loyal, social, and playful. They are hardly ever a nuisance and genuinely like company. Be it humans or dogs.

At certain times, however, a Husky may display signs of aggression or become outright aggressive. One of these times could be when they feel their power over their owner receding. This may happen when a stranger comes over or simply when you pet another dog or pet. Huskies are loyal pets, and this trait tends to be a part of their personality. 

Another incidence may be due to their instincts to prey. This may arise when they see a small animal, a baby, or smaller children. While this is a natural trait, it is trainable, and we all have seen Huskies be cuddly with babies and toddlers. So, no worries there. 

Other than these, your Husky may get aggressive due to territorial intrusion by another animal, person, or someone/ something else. Work dogs tend to be strict about what they consider as “their” territory, and when someone/ something new enters that space, they don’t like it and will try to get rid of it. Your home, car, a particular room, or something/ somewhere else might be your Huskies territory. 

In general, Huskies are well-mannered with everyone. Even foul play from other dogs very rarely instigates a Husky. This is why they are a great companion dog for your first pet. And very welcoming if you’re looking to bring home another.

Are Huskies good with other small dogs?

In the wild, we can’t comment upon. But domestically, it is all part of the training! Your Husky will get along with a small dog just as much as a larger one if they have been taught so

Most people make the mistake of assuming their pet’s “breed traits” and get lenient with the dog when they should’ve trained harder. 

Your pet Husky will get along with a Hamster, too, if only you take the right efforts! As I’ve said before, Huskies are amicable and friendly. They like company.

Small dogs are no exception. Do your bit of helping the two dogs to get to know each other. Allow them to make a smooth transition from strangers to buddies as you hold onto the leashes first and slowly let go as they become more and more comfortable with each other. 

If you’re unsure about introducing a small dog to your Husky, don’t take a chance. It can be harmful or even fatal to the smaller one. Get help, call a professional and let them take over.


Remember, your Husky will only be as comfortable with the other pet as you are. You need to be confident and have a steady hand when introducing your new pet to your Husky.

It is important to make sure that all of the dogs in your household are trained around children, so they don’t unintentionally hurt them.

Training is of utmost importance when handling two dogs. If you’re new to pet parenting, get help without a second thought. Getting it right is important.

Your Husky will love their new companion, so don’t worry about that. Just be ready to handle double the action and mischief! And to receive double the love too!