Dog Training Apex
Apex , North Carolina (NC) Apex provides a professional dog training service in Apex and surrounding areas.

The dog training Apex center is your local dog training experts providing a range of programs for basic obedience, anxiety and aggression training, off-leash control, and more. No matter your dog’s breed, age, size, or temperament, we can help you help your dog become the happiest, most confident, and obedient version of themselves. Check out our training programs below and get in touch today for a free consultation.

Private Lessons

If you want a hands-on training approach to teaching your dog basic obedience or control unwanted behaviors, our Private Lessons Program could be for you. Our professional trainer will visit your home for dog training Apex weekly to teach you how to train your dog, with tailored lessons to suit you and your pet.

AKC ‘Canine Good Citizen’:

We can test your dog for their AKC Good Citizen certificate. To get this certificate, your dog must pass the test of various obedience skills including greeting others, no jumping, and loose leash walking. Dogs who qualify to take this test should have no history of biting or dog aggression. It’s an ideal certificate to have if your neighborhood has an HOA or if you are living in an apartment complex.

K-9 Caring Angels Therapy Dog Certifications: Apex is certified by K-9 Caring Angels to test and certify Therapy Dogs, who are trained to provide comfort and affection to people through animal-assisted activities in a variety of settings. These tests are held on a quarterly basis in public settings. To pass the certification, your dog will need to understand various behaviors and have skills including:
● Ignoring distractions
● Polite greeting
● Coming when called
● Controlled walking
● No signs of anxiety or aggression

AKC ‘Trick Dog’ Evaluations:

If your dog is AKC ‘Canine Good Citizen’ certified and you are looking to learn some impressive tricks and have more fun, you can try to earn an AKC Trick Dog title. There are five AKC Trick Dog titles that you and your dog can earn, which include:
● Novice Trick Dog
● Intermediate Trick Dog
● Advanced Trick Dog
● Trick Dog Performer
● Trick Dog Elite Performer


If you’re not sure whether to opt for private lessons or a Board and Train program, our Day Train program offers the best of both worlds. It’s designed for dogs who could use a refresher in basic obedience skills or a jump start to their training. You can choose to drop your dog off at our training facility on a day that suits you best for a full day of professional training followed by a one-hour private session where we’ll go through what your dog has learned and show you how to continue training at home. We recommend bringing your dog for a Day Train session weekly for three weeks.

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Board & Train

Our Board and Train programs are available for ten, fifteen, or twenty-one days depending on you and your dog’s needs. If you’re not sure how long to leave your dog for a Board and Train program, get in touch today for a free consultation with one of our professional trainers who can make the best recommendation based on your unique goals for your dog and their current training level. During our Board and Train program, your dog will stay in the comfort of our boarding facility with daily trips to our training facility where they’ll be immersed in intensive training with our experienced trainers. We provide a safe and controlled environment for your dog to learn and have fun working around a wide range of distractions and other dogs. Board and Train is the ideal option for dog owners who want to drastically improve their pooch’s behavior in a short period of time, and it can be an ideal alternative to a standard boarding facility for your dog if you are planning an upcoming vacation. We’ll provide you with regular updates on your dog and their progress during the program and give you all the information that you need to continue their training at home once you come to collect them.

5 Day ‘Puppy Leadership’ Board and Train:

Our 5 Day ‘Puppy Leadership’ Program is designed for puppies who are at least sixteen weeks old with all vaccinations. During this program, your puppy will go through all the basic fundamentals of obedience training including crate training, socialization, introduction to leash walking, house boundaries, focusing around minor distractions, and basic obedience commands. Then we’ll teach you how to continue your puppy’s training from home.

Group Classes

Dogs who’ve completed our Private Lessons, Board and Train, or Day Train programs get access to a lifetime of weekly Group Training Classes, where you and your dog can continue learning and have fun in a social environment with other dogs and their owners.

Doggie Daycare Refresher Training:

If you are an existing client, you can take advantage of our Doggy Daycare Refresher Training throughout the week. This program is ideal for socializing and brushing up on basic training and great for people who work full-time. During the day, your dog will have various training sessions indoors and outdoors with breaks for play. All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations before attending.

Puppy Group Classes:

If you’ve just added a new puppy to your family, our Puppy Group Classes are designed to help you get off to the best start. We’ll focus on some important skills for your puppy to learn during the first few months of their life including basic obedience training like come, sit, place, down, and recall, along with crate training, doorway manner, boundaries, loose leash walking, socializing and vet visits.

3 Video Coaching Sessions:

If you’re training your dog yourself and want some quick obedience tips, our video coaching sessions are ideal for you. We offer three video sessions on your choice of video chat app where we discuss any problems that you are having with your dog and put together a plan to use various helpful techniques to train them at home.


Apex is a town located in Wake County, North Carolina. The downtown area of Apex was designated as a historic district in 1994, and the 1867 Apex train depot is a designated Wake County landmark. The town is a suburb of both RTP and Raleigh and is situated to the southwest of Raleigh with direct highway access via US1. There is direct highway access to RTP via NC540. The town is home to various parks and green spaces ideal for our Private Lessons program including Apex Community Park, Apex Jaycee Park, Seleem Pond Park, Hunter Street Park, and Kelly Road Park.