Dog Training Buffalo
Buffalo , New York (NY) Buffalo provides a professional dog training service in Buffalo and surrounding areas.

At Buffalo, we are passionate about providing good-quality training that will help your dog become more confident, positive, and better-behaved. We work together with you to provide a perfectly tailored training program designed for you and your dog.

We work with a range of professional trainers who can handle anything from brushing up on obedience skills to correcting severe aggression and other problematic behaviors.

We offer a wide range of training programs to choose from including private lessons, day camps, and boarding programs for training with options that can be customized to meet you and your dog’s unique training goals and challenges. At dog training Buffalo, we welcome any dog of any age. Contact us today to get your free consultation – we’d love to meet you and your furry friend.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are designed for those who want to be directly involved and take some personal responsibility for their dog’s training. This option allows you to meet with your professional trainer for a weekly one-to-one session which can be held in a location of your choosing such as your home or the local park.

You will work together with the trainer who will teach you how to continue your dog’s training successfully at home and how to specifically work on anything that’s important to you. We customize all our lessons to ensure that you’re able to meet your unique goals for your dog. This is a technique known as ‘lifestyle training’ where we work with you to incorporate your dog’s training into your daily life.


If you’d like to drop your dog off for training but don’t like the idea of leaving them overnight, our Day Camp program could be ideal for you. This weekly day training program allows you to leave your dog with our professional trainers who will take your dog through a variety of locations including pet stores, vet offices, and various other places for training.

You will drop your dog off in the morning and return to collect them on the same day. When you collect your dog, your trainer will go through the day’s work and provide you with instructions on how to keep it up at home for the rest of the week. Continue your dog’s training at home and then return to day camp for the following two weeks. Lifetime follow-up private training lessons are included in this package for any further training needs.

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Board & Train

This program is for those who want to get a happy and well-behaved dog quickly. Your dog will be boarded with our professional trainer who will spend a few days with them visiting various locations and immersing them in training.

We offer a range of Board and Train programs designed for anybody from dogs who need a little help with the foundational stages of training to those who want to train their dogs to a seriously high standard. It’s a great option for helping your dog with various behavioral problems or to get your dog’s training to a great start. Your trainer will work intensively with your dog to accomplish a huge amount of training in just one week.

Group Classes

We offer group classes that are designed to help you and your dog practice the skills learned in private lessons, with more distractions to work with. Anybody can attend our classes which are social, upbeat and lots of fun for both you and your dog.


Named after a nearby creek, Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York and the largest Western New York city. The population of Buffalo was 225,284 in 2019. Buffalo is located on the eastern shore of Lake Erie at the head of the Niagara River and just sixteen miles south of Niagara Falls. It was one of the earliest cities to embrace electric power, which gave it the nickname ‘The City of Light’. This city is famous for Joseph Ellicott’s urban planning and layout, significant architectural structures and works, and an extensive park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, which are awesome for dog training.