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Cincinnati , Ohio (OH) Cincinnati provides a professional dog training service in Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

If you’re living with a dog that’s driving you nuts during the coronavirus pandemic, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. While it’s important to take proper precautions and follow the Stay Home Order, there are exceptions, including pet facilities. Our dogs aren’t having the best time, either – they’re stressed, too, and need both mental and physical exercise.

At dog training Cincinnati, we’re doing everything that we can to provide a safe service to you and your dog in these uncertain times. We’ve been busy developing a COVID19 safe dog training protocol that allows you to continue training your dog wherever you go without risking catching the virus. Our free evaluations are now being done from a safe distance and we’re using plenty of hand sanitizer. We’re using hospital-grade, dog-safe cleaning chemicals at our facility and following guidelines of having no more than ten people at one time. All private lessons are now conducted with distance and if you want to be extra safe, we offer virtual coaching. Check out our dog training programs below and get in touch for a free, COVID19 safe consultation.

Day and Train

Our Day and Train program is basically like school for dogs. You bring your dog to our facility in the morning and come to collect them in the evening. During sessions, our trainers will cover a range of commands and training topics with your dog including sit, come, place, communicating with the leash, on-leash etiquette, off-leash training, body language, and social understanding. At the end of the day, you’ll have a private lesson where you’ll go over what your dog has learned and leave with information on how to communicate with your dog in a way that they understand. The program also includes two follow-up appointments at your home, one year of group classes, and lifetime support from us at dog training Cincinnati.


Our Puppy Leadership Program is designed for puppies aged 8-16 weeks and is an ideal choice for anybody who has added a new puppy to their family. We’ll meet once a week for an hour-long session at our training facility where we’ll cover a range of basic training techniques for your pup including luring with treats and toys, using a leash, body language, and more. It’s also a great opportunity for your puppy to socialize, play, and interact with other puppies. At 16 weeks, your puppy moves on to more formal training with a five-day Board and Train program before a two-hour Transition of Leadership lesson with you, then the same again after a two-day break at home. We’ll do that again three months later, which gives us the chance to work with you and your puppy after you’ve had the chance to put what you’ve learned into practice and strengthen your relationship.

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Board & Train

Our Board and Train program is designed so that we can really immerse your dog in their training and build a strong, deep, foundation of knowledge and understanding of your dog. This ‘boot camp’ style program is an awesome choice for busy families and can be coordinated with a vacation as a great alternative to a standard boarding kennel for your dog. The programs are offered for a range of lengths starting from five days, depending on the unique needs of your dog and your goals for their training. Your dog will be trained using our core curriculum, covering come, sit, quiet, off, break, place, leash etiquette, and more. We can customize the training to work on any specific issues you would like us to cover. With this program, you’ll get two follow-up appointments at home, a year of participation in as many group classes as you like, and lifetime support from our trainers.

Aggressive Dog Program

An aggressive dog can be stressful and scary, and whether your dog suffers from nervousness, anxiety, a lack of confidence, or more, we can help. The dog training Cincinnati system is ideal for dogs with aggressive tendencies. We will help you devise and implement strategies to manage and control your dog’s behavior while providing the leadership that they need. The program is highly tailored to meet your unique needs.


Cincinnati is a major city in the US state of Ohio, located at the northern side of the confluence of the Ohio and Licking rivers. It is the third-largest city in Ohio with a population of 303,940. It is home to three major sports teams in baseball, football, and soccer, including the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball. The city is home to various notable historic public parks including Mount Storm Park and Eden Park, and several noteworthy buildings including the Isaac M. Wise Temple, the Ingalls Building, and the Carew Tower.