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Corpus Christi , Texas (TX) Corpus Christi provides a professional dog training service in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. dog training Corpus Christi, Texas, offers a range of dog and puppy training programs with the main aim of providing happy, confident, and obedient dogs – leading to confident, happy, and satisfied owners. We pride ourselves on industry-leading results that allow you to meet your training goals and achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. Our training programs are designed to help you gain control of your dog both on and off the leash while improving your relationship with them. Check out the programs that we offer below and get in touch today for your free professional demonstration and evaluation.

Private Lessons

Whether you’re bringing your first puppy home soon, want to teach your dog how to be better behaved, or are looking to improve your dog’s advanced obedience skills, our Private Lessons program is the ideal option for a hands-on owner who wants to be directly involved. We can tailor the lessons to suit you and your needs and you’ll be working one-on-one with our experienced trainers, who’ll provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools that you need to continue your dog’s training successfully at home.


Our Doggy Boot Camp program is the ideal choice for any dog owner looking to get the best results in the shortest period of time. Doggy Boot Camp can be tailored to suit your needs and your dog’s personality, with a huge range of topics covered including basic puppy manners, coming when called, leash pulling, jumping up, basic and advanced obedience, chewing, nuisance barking, separation anxiety, boundary training, digging, car manners, controlling aggression, and more. Your dog will come to stay with us for the duration of Doggy Boot Camp where they will be immersed in a fun and interactive training program under the care and supervision of our professional trainers. When you collect your dog, we’ll provide you with more information on what they’ve learned and give you instructions for successfully continuing their training at home.

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Board & Train

This program is for those who want to get a happy and well-behaved dog quickly. Your dog will be boarded with our professional trainer who will spend a few days with them visiting various locations and immersing them in training.

We offer a range of Board and Train programs designed for anybody from dogs who need a little help with the foundational stages of training to those who want to train their dogs to a seriously high standard. It’s a great option for helping your dog with various behavioral problems or to get your dog’s training to a great start. Your trainer will work intensively with your dog to accomplish a huge amount of training in just one week.

Puppy Management

Bringing a new puppy home is always an exciting experience, but it can be tricky to develop that strong bond with your new pup if they are always soiling your carpets, jumping all over you, nipping at your friends and family, or chewing up your belongings. Our Puppy Management classes are the ideal choice if you want to get your newest furry family member off to the best start in life. We use a proven training methodology that shows you how to get in charge, move beyond bad puppy behavior, and start building a stronger relationship with your dog.


Corpus Christi is a coastal city located in the South Texas region of the US state of Texas, with a population of 326,586. It is home to the fifth-largest port in the US, the Port of Corpus Christi. It was named by Spanish explorer Alonso Alvarez de Pineda in 1519 in reference to the Christian sacrament of Holy Communion. It is nicknamed the ‘Sparkling City by the Sea’. It has a humid, subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and short, mild winters. There is a number of popular tourist destinations including the USS Lexington Museum, North Beach, and the Texas State Aquarium.