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Glencoe , Illinois (IL) Glencoe provides a professional dog training service in Glencoe and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for a reliable and safe dog training center near the Glencoe area of Illinois? You have come to the right place. is the perfect place that gives various kinds of curated training programs like group training, private training, and immersive sessions.

All of our trainers have exceptional experience in training dogs, and they have all the necessary knowledge to handle dogs of every breed. Irrespective of your dog’s age, breed, or gender, our trainers will properly guide and help them in the course training.

Private Lessons

If you wish to get involved in dog training to a greater extent, we’d recommend our private training sessions. You’ll have the opportunity here to work together with our professionals in training your dog.

If you face any problems, our trainer has your back. They will solve the issues for you. This facility is applicable before, during, or after the training process. We also provide you the option to choose where you’d like to carry the training sessions. It can be at the comfort of your own home, or it can be our exclusive training facility with many features.


We provide private coaching and immersive training classes in our Day Camp facility. Even if you’re busy with work all day, don’t worry; leave your dogs with us, and our seasoned trainers will watch after them for the whole day taking care of all their needs. Your dog’s day will be filled with fun activities and interactive classes to keep them active.

If you own a specially-abled dog with particular needs, our staff will take care of those too. You’llYou’ll have nothing to worry about. All services are available to you seven days a week, and we will also give you some goodies that you can take home to keep your buddy happy.

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Board & Train

We are very well aware that all dogs do not behave the same. Some are very friendly, and some are not. Here, we’ll provide one-on-one, intensive training sessions that’ll help your dog get rid of bad behavior. This session is beneficial if your dog is not friendly with people.

The use of pressure and force to remove such behaviors will complicate the situation. We guarantee that our trainers will not put your dog under any unwanted pressure to do any activity. Once you have enrolled, we will start the training with attention-improving sessions, including fun outdoor activities.

We assure you that your dog will be a wholly new and well-trained companion by the end of this session.

Group Classes

You and your dog will access our Group Training program once the initial day camp training has been completed. Here, your dog will be exposed to other fellow dogs. All of these sessions shall take place in a controlled and well-monitored environment.

Throughout the session, we will increase the levels of distractions to watch and learn how your dog behaves in a particular situation. We will change the routine to ensure that your dog gets the perfect training based on the analysis.

We believe that we can gradually develop your dog’s character when they come face to face with external environmental factors instead of confining them in the four corners of a room. We make sure to put these classes in various dog-friendly parks, beaches, and other venues to roam freely.

As a dog owner, you can also take advantage of these classes. You’ll be meeting other dog owners where you can share your experiences and learn from theirs as well.


Glencoe is a village situated in the northeastern part of Cook County, in the state of Illinois. Located on the west side of Lake Michigan, it is separated from the suburban areas to the north and west by the Cook County natural forest area.

This village’s main attractions are the Chicago Botanic Gardens, Cook County Forest Preserves, Glencoe Metra Station, and Skokie Lagoons. This village is home to beautiful architecture, entertainment venues, and many great restaurants.