Dog Training Hawthorn Woods
Hawthorn Woods , Illinois (IL) Hawthorn Woods provides a professional dog training service in Hawthorn Woods and surrounding areas. cares about fostering healthy relationships between pets and their owners. We will work with any dog, big or small and we can help with the training needs of all breeds of dog as well. You will learn valuable skills to foster the training of your dog and the relationship that you have with your pet when you work with for all your training needs.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be a great way to cement skills that are a bit of a struggle for you and your pet. You can get one-on-one help for dogs that are very young or are easily distracted and you will get lots of great skills to work on with your pet in between classes. Private lessons are some of the most valuable offerings that we have for owners and their pets to grow and bond.


Day camps are a great way to bring your dog to a trainer and let them have a day of consistency and new experiences. If you are going to be busy for the day and would have to get a pet sitter anyway, bringing your pet to day camp can allow for them to grow in experience and have a great day of new training skills with a trainer. You will love how easy it is to allow your dog the chance to work with a trainer while you are away and busy and you will both benefit from this time.

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Board & Train

Board and train classes are a great way to bring your dog to work with a trainer consistently. You will love the chance to drop your pet off for a few days for consistent work with a trainer. The trainer will be able to work on lots of new skills with your pet or help to work with other dogs as well as working on new experiences.

Board and train opportunities are full-immersion experiences that can accomplish a lot of skills building even when you are away on vacation. Your dog will not waste any time away from their training when you use board and train classes to your advantage.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to test the group skills training that you have been working on. The groups will meet in public locations like dog-friendly businesses and parks to share training time with other dogs. This can be a great chance to see if your dog can pay attention even when there are distractions like other dogs or people in the same area.

This is a great chance to work on your dog’s attention on you as well as skills like sit and stay. You cannot practice these skills readily at home, and you will get lots of practice working on them in group classes. You will be proud of yourself and your dog and your ability to stay on task even in challenging conditions.

Group classes make it easy for you to make sure that you will be able to call your dog back when other dogs show up suddenly or if your dog sees another dog playing or walking. Being able to make sure that your dog can focus on you even when there are distractions is a very important part of group classwork.


Hawthorn wood is a gorgeous location in beautiful Illinois. You will love the rural beauty and peace of the landscape, as well as the many delightful golf opportunities that were fostered and supported by golf legend Arnold Palmer. Sporting and outdoor activities are very popular here, and you will love the many exciting chances to have fun in this area doing these activities.

This is a place that is rich with history as well as modern comforts, and it is a great place to raise your kids, enjoy the outdoors and have fun with friends and family. Enjoy the Strawberry Festival as well as Wildlife Discovery and many more attractions when you visit here. There is a lovely downtown area that offers pub culture and great food and nightlife as well.