Dog Training in Huntley
Huntley , Illinois (IL) Huntley provides a professional dog training service in Huntley and surrounding areas. dog training Huntley IL offers the best dog training services around. Our top-notch training programs are led by the best trainers in the business, who have years of knowledge and experience. We will work with both your dog and you to address a variety of behavioral issues, learn commands, overcome aggression, improve socialization, and/or address other common problems. Whether you have a brand-new puppy who needs to learn the basics or an older dog who struggles with obedience or aggression, we can provide customized training perfect for your furry friend.
We at Stayyy believe that all dogs deserve excellent training. We work with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds.
If your dog exhibits poor behaviors such as jumping, biting, barking, leash pulling, or other bad habits, we provide the following:

  • Obedience training
  • Puppy training
  • Immersive training
  • Pack leadership training
  • Board and train
  • Additional services

Our training programs promote the development of strong, healthy bonds between dogs and their owners. We believe that training doesn’t stop when your dog leaves our facility. That’s why we train owners as well. We will teach you healthy methods for reinforcing good behaviors and discouraging bad ones. We want your relationship with your dog to grow and your bond to remain strong for a lifetime.

Immersion Day Train Program

To make sure that the training we provide sticks, we offer our Immersion Day Train Program. With this program, owners can drop off their dogs at our facility for either a few hours or the whole day. We’ll work closely with your dog to locate where problematic behaviors lie, then create a custom training plan to address them. We’ll also work to ensure your dog masters basic commands, curbs aggression, and refines their socialization skills.
This program allows busy dog owners to drop off and collect their dogs at any time within our business hours. Please be sure to notify us if your dog has any special needs we should be aware of.
When you come to pick up your dog, we provide you with a brief one-on-one session with our trainers. You’ll have the opportunity to see what your dog has learned that day, as well as practice the training we’ve worked on. This is an important step in ensuring that our lessons last well into the future.

One-On-One Lessons

For dogs who may need a little extra support, we offer private one-on-one lessons for our clients. Our experienced trainers will work closely with your dog and you to root out bad behaviors and learn obedience and basic commands. We will work with your dog to address aggression, anxiety, or any other issues that may come up.
It’s very important for dog owners to feel confident in enforcing the training their dogs learn during our lessons. Our one-on-one training also provides owners with the tools they need to become better leaders of their pack. We will provide you with the confidence and know-how to apply our lessons at home. The bond between dogs and their owners is strong, and we look forward to helping strengthen that bond through positive reinforcement and comprehensive training.
If one-on-one training sounds like the right fit for your dog and you, inquire about our training programs today. We will work with you to find a program that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

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Puppy Programs

Puppies are adorable, energetic balls of love and affection. They’re also an incredible amount of work. It is very important to begin training your puppy as early as possible, so they develop good habits as they grow. Our puppy programs are uniquely tailored to young dogs. We’ll work on learning basic commands, socialization, and obedience. We also target problems that puppies tend to struggle with, such as biting, peeing on the floor, barking, and other mischievous behaviors. We make sure our clients understand the best ways to reinforce our training at home so that their puppies grow up to be loving, obedient adult dogs.

Group Classes

When we feel confident that your dog has mastered the basics of obedience and socialization, you will be invited to join one of our group classes. Your dog will have a chance to socialize and apply its new skills with other dogs in a carefully monitored environment. You’ll be able to interact with our trainers and continue learning good training tactics.
Our group classes are available for both puppies and adult dogs. You will need to be approved before participating in one of these courses.

ABOUT Huntley, IL

Huntly is a suburb located in the Chicagoland area of Illinois, situated within McHenry and Kane counties. This charming village offers events year-round for families to enjoy together. You’ll love taking your dog to the beautiful town square or walking in one of the town’s many parks. Be sure to take advantage of Huntley’s wonderful outdoor spaces.