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Indiana , (IN) Indiana provides a professional dog training service in Indiana and surrounding areas. now comes to Indiana! The best dog training service in town is now available for you and your dog. Our professionals have always loved to train dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments. They are well experienced and know how to handle almost every issue an owner can have with their dog. We assure you that your dog is in for a ride, and you will see how fast their growth spurts. Opt for training according to your convenience; we provide group classes, immersion training, and in-home private training. Browse through all our services to learn about them and find out which suits you the best.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an excellent choice for people who want to participate in their dog’s training actively. Some dog owners take such noble initiatives, and we love to support them. Our experts designed this course for people who want one-on-one training for their dog, so there are no distractions. Plus, the dog owner gets to learn numerous things while being a part of the training. Private Lessons can be held at your home or our designated training facility, whatever floats your boat! In addition to that, our trainers will guide you throughout the training and even after it is over for extra support. We love to hear success stories of our previous clients and how their dog is doing excellent; hopefully, we will listen to something similar from you as well.


Work-life balance is hard to maintain, we understand this very well, and we came up with our Day Camp program for the same reason. Our professionals think it’s upsetting that people want dogs but can’t have one due to a packed schedule where one hardly has any time to breathe. They decided to counter this issue and came up with our Day Camp program, where you leave your dog with us for eight hours and go about your day. We immerse your dog in proper training and give them all the attention they need to flourish. We have also flexible the pickup and drop timing, so you don’t need to break a sweat about time management. Make sure you are ready to receive resources from us to help you continue the training at home.

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Board & Train

It is upsetting to see your dog drift away from being the ideal pet; maybe they become more aggressive, anxious, or skittish, and you hate to see them that way. However, it is not the dog’s fault because dogs can be trained to be excellent. If they end up being anything undesirable, you can blame it on the lack of proper training or training thereof. Our goal in this program is to rewire your dog’s brain and make them an ideal companion for you. We do this by engaging them in immersive training and having loads of fun at the same time. After the program is over, you will be more than satisfied to meet your fully trained dog who just did a 180 on their behavior.

Group Classes

Are you worried about what’s going to happen after the training is over? Cause you definitely shouldn’t. We offer group classes where you can watch your dog’s training come alive and observe how they react in an environment full of distractions. These classes are held in dog-friendly places where your pet gets a chance to socialize and interact with different types of dogs. This exposure will give your dog a lead in development and prepare them for real-life scenarios. Our clients have also told us that this activity was beneficial because they could connect with so many dog owners around town.


Indiana is the 17th most populated state and 38th largest state by area in the United States. Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky surround Indiana. The capital city of Indianapolis is also the largest in the state. ‘Indiana’ translates to “Land of the Indians” or even “Indian Land.”