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McKinney , Texas (TX) McKinney provides a professional dog training service in McKinney and surrounding areas. dog training McKinney provides professional puppy and dog training in McKinney, Allen, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas in Collin County, Texas. We work with experienced and professional dog trainers who understand just how important it is for your family to have a confident, well-behaved dog. Our programs can be customized to fit your unique needs and we cover just about everything from minor behavioral issues and basic obedience to severe aggressive behavior. We work with dogs of any breed, age, or temperament and believe that it’s never too late to teach an old dog anything. Check out what we offer below and get in touch today for a free training consultation.

Private Lessons

If you want to be as involved as possible in your dog’s obedience training, our Private Lessons program could be the ideal option for you. During this program, our trainers will take a back seat in your dog’s learning, providing you with the skills and tools that you need to successfully do it yourself instead. You will get a weekly lesson held in a public place, which will end with a recap of the skills you’ve worked on and homework to complete with your dog before the next session. Our Private Lessons are ideal if you want to learn the skills needed to provide your dog with great training at home and want to benefit from the trainer’s full attention.


Our Day Camp program offers the perfect blend of Immersion and Private Lessons, allowing you to take your dog back home at the end of the day and get a little bit more involved in the training process while still benefitting from having a professional trainer on your side. This weekly program involves dropping your dog off with us for the day while you go to work. Our trainers will work one-on-one with them during the day and give you a debrief on what they’ve learned and how to continue implementing it at home when you come to collect them in the evening. It’s the ideal alternative to Doggy Daycare one day per week and involves membership to group classes and private training to supplement your dog’s learning even further.

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Board & Train

Our Immersion Training or Board and Train Program is designed with your busy schedule in mind and is the perfect option for dog owners who do not often get much time to train at home. Your dog will come to stay with us for up to twenty days where they’ll be immersed in a fun training program under the care of our professional dog trainers, making it an ideal option to consider instead of boarding kennels if you’re going on vacation. During the program, your dog will learn a huge range of basic obedience skills, how to respect boundaries, and will be trained in a variety of real-world, distracting scenarios. At the end of the program, you’ll be provided with further information on putting what your dog has learned so far into practice at home.

Puppy Immersion:

If you’ve just added a new puppy to your family, we know that they can be a little bit of a handful. Puppies can be so cute and cuddly, but training them to go to the toilet outdoors or stop chewing your shoes can be stressful! Our Puppy Immersion program is designed to take some of the stress off you; your puppy will come to stay with us for up to twenty days, where they’ll have a fun time learning the basics of house training and obedience. A month later, we’ll welcome them back again for more training to correct nuisance behaviors and practice their obedience skills some more. This is the ideal program for puppies aged four months and younger and is run by passionate instructions who really care about giving your precious pup the best start in life.

Group Classes

Once your dog has completed one of our training programs, you will be invited to our Group Classes, where your dog can learn how to apply the skills that they have learned so far in a fun social situation around other dogs and people. These classes are ideal for dogs who have completed their first training program but could use some more practice behaving around others, including distance work and meet-and-greets in a safe environment.


McKinney is a city located in Collin County, Texas, US. It is the second-largest city in Collin County and located around 32 miles north of Dallas. It has often been ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, with a population of 199,177. Money Magazine has rated McKinney as the best place to live in America. McKinney is part of the Texas blackland prairies located in the Sun Belt, making it a humid subtropical region.