Dog Training Michigan
Michigan , (MI) Michigan provides a professional dog training service in Michigan and surrounding areas. is finally operating in Michigan, the U.S. After successfully establishing ourselves in different parts of the country, our professionals are now ready to train the dogs in this state. Our programs are well designed and make training fun for dogs of all ages, sizes, temperaments, and breed. We make sure that your dog’s learning curve skyrockets as soon as they join our programs, and that’s why we provide immersion training, in-home private training, as well as group classes.

Private Lessons

The perfect solution for people who love to be involved in their dog’s training is the Private Lesson program, where you work one-on-one with our professionals. This training program allows you to learn by following how the trainer goes by doing their job, so it’s not just a way for your dog to learn but also the owner. These lessons can be held at our designated training facility or the comfort of your home. We assure you that our trainers are ready to help you with any problems you face during the training and even after it is over. With all that said, we appreciate your efforts to be involved in your dog’s training.


Does working long shift hours and focusing on your career to make a better living distract you from training your dog? We’ve got you covered with this unique training program called Day Camp. Leave your dog with us for eight hours a day; you can do that seven days a week if you want. Your dog’s time with us will train them, so they learn everything an ideal dog should know. Our team believes in offering convenience to our clients, so the pickup and drop timings are flexible as well. Also, we will provide you with the necessary resources that you must use to keep the training going home.

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Board & Train

An anxious, aggressive, and skittish dog is a result of improper training or the lack thereof. The only way to fix this issue is to leave your dog with us for a set number of days and watch how they drastically change. The board and Train program is ideal for people who cannot give ample attention to their dogs due to busy life schedules, and if that has led to unusual dog behavior, then our professionals can help fix those. The environment we create for them is fun and immersive, which makes their training enjoyable. After the training is over, you would be surprised to see how amazingly well-behaved your dog has become.

Group Classes

There is nothing better than forming long-lasting connections which inspire you to do better. We believe that our clients should never feel dazed and confused, so we came up with the Group Classes program where you can meet up with other dog owners and share knowledge with them. This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to socialize and experience what it feels like to be in the company of numerous dogs. Watch how your dog operates in an environment that is crowded and full of distractions, so you can see their training come to action.


Michigan is known as the Wolverine state; it has around 9,928,300 (as per the data in 2016). Lansing is the capital city of Michigan, while the biggest city in this state is Detroit. Humans have populated the land of Michigan for nearly 12,000 years. It was home to numerous Native American tribes such as Sauk, Fox, Menominee, Potawatomi, Ojibwe, Miami, and Kickapoo. Michigan is still home to around eleven Native American tribes.

French explorers discovered the state of Michigan in the 1600s. The land was officially under France’s rule till the mid-1700s, and then the British colonized the place. It is said that Michigan is named after a lake, and the word itself translates to “big lake”. In the 17th century, French Voyageurs started settling in Michigan and thus began the era of establishments. However, the economy of the state only saw a turnover in the 20th century which led to industrialization and diversity in the population.