Dog Training New Buffalo
New Buffalo , Michigan (MI) New Buffalo provides a professional dog training service in New Buffalo and surrounding areas.

At, we know that there is no exchange for happy hours spent with your canine companion. We make sure that no dog owner ever feels like they cannot get the help they need to train their canine friend to be the best companion possible. Our professional trainers work with all breeds and ages of dogs, and you can be sure that we will help you to teach your pet to be a good companion who loves their life with you.

Dog training does not have to be hard when you have access to a talented network of dog trainers who can show you the ropes for any skill that you want your dog to learn.

Private Lessons

If you and your dog need some one-on-one time with a trainer, private lessons are the perfect answer for your needs. We offer up the right kind of personal attention to help work on tough training skills without distraction. For dogs who need to have a little quiet and a controlled environment to learn a new skill, private lessons are the perfect fit. We know that issues can arise that are made worse by noise or busy activity, and our private lessons can help you attend to training needs without struggles.


Our day camps allow you to drop off your dog for the day to work with a trainer. You will be able to go to work or attend to other things that need to be done during your day while our trainers work with your canine friend on skills and techniques. This can be a great way to establish the right baseline for your dog’s training so that you and your pet can work on advanced skills down the road. Day camps are a great way to help dogs deal with separation anxiety and develop new skills with the care of an expert trainer.

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Board & Train

If you need to learn for a vacation or if your dog is struggling with a specific set of skills, you can leave them with us for a set period of time to work on this training. Our trainers will be happy to take your dog for a set period of time to work on trouble spots and challenging skills with consistency and complete immersion. This is an excellent option for dogs that need to be socialized as well. If you have been worried about working on necessary training with consistency due to your job or a vacation that you have coming up, let our team of talented and experienced trainers take that weight off your shoulders.

Group Classes

Group classes are a fun way to see if your dog needs to work on attention when things are active around them and to help socialize puppies or dogs that have not been around lots of other pets. Our group classes are designed to allow owners to work on skills with their pets while also learning how to keep their dog’s attention when there are other pets around. These classes are taught in dog-friendly stores, public parks, or other public locations. This makes it easy for you and your pet to attend and meet new friends while learning new skills.


New Buffalo is a beautiful Michigan town that is only 70 miles from downtown Chicago. The dunes here are gorgeous and provide a picturesque background to a day spent on the beach. You will love the recreational harbor and the local vibe, which is welcoming, fun, and full of local charm.

This is a classic Southern Shore town near vineyards, boutique hotels and shops, and many fun outdoor activities. Locals love the memorable and relaxed atmosphere and are happy to share it with visitors who come to see what New Buffalo is all about.

Try Sand-Boarding or head out on a hike. You can walk the beach or visit the local farmer’s market. There is no activity that New Buffalo does not offer to visitors.