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Orlando , Florida (FL) Orlando provides a professional dog training service in Orlando and surrounding areas. dog training Orlando provides professional dog and puppy training services in Orlando, Oviedo, Lake Mary, Longwood, and surrounding Central Florida areas. We offer a range of customizable dog training programs that can help you and your dog reach the next level in your relationship. We offer different memberships to deal with any type of behavioral needs ranging from Puppy Training to Basic Obedience, Off-leash training, and training dogs with aggressive behaviors. We can help in a range of ways to suit your needs including private lessons, group classes, day training, board training, and more. We’d love the opportunity to evaluate and work with your dog so that you can see just what our training systems can do for you. Get in touch today for a free consultation with one of our professional Orlando dog trainers.

Private Lessons

If you’d like to take a more hands-on approach to your dog’s training and want to be as directly involved as possible with teaching them, our Private Lessons is the ideal option for you. In this program, our team of professional dog trainers will teach you how to build an understanding of attention with your dog, using a range of techniques that you can incorporate into your daily home life easily. Each private lesson will be tailored to the needs of you and your dog to ensure that you can easily make training a key part of your lifestyle at home without taking up too much of your time.


Our Day and Train program offers an awesome hybrid option for those who don’t want either Board and Train or Private Lessons. This unique program allows your dog to stay with us during the day and then return home to you in the evening, making it a great alternative to a standard Doggy Daycare facility while you are at work. During the day, our trainers will do all the hard work establishing the foundation of attention, before handing the reins back to you when you come to collect your dog with a lesson including instructions for how to continue practicing what your dog has learned once you take them back home.

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Board & Train

Our Board and Train program is one of our most popular options. Your dog will come to stay with us for the length of the program, giving our professional team of trainers the chance to really get to know your dog and immerse them in fun and intensive training. One of the main reasons why these programs are so popular is that all of the hard work is done on your behalf, making them a great choice for busy dog owners, or as an alternative to traditional boarding kennels if you’re going on vacation. Once your dog has completed the program, we’ll conduct a Transfer of Leadership lesson with you to teach you what we’ve done so that you can continue practicing your dog’s new skills with them once they’re back at home.

Group Classes

Group Classes are an excellent opportunity to continue your dog’s training and learn how to build a better relationship with one another even around a range of real-world distractions. The Group Class setting allows you and your dog to continue practicing what you’ve learned and work together as a team around some of the biggest distractions for your pooch – other dogs. We believe that Group Classes are crucial to the success of our clients in the real world, and we offer multiple classes per week at our training facility and outdoors in local parks. Once your dog has completed one of our training programs, you will automatically be enrolled in our Group Classes.


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