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Park Ridge , Illinois (IL) Park Ridge provides a professional dog training service in Park Ridge and surrounding areas.

Finding a dog trainer in Park Ridge, Illinois may be difficult, but with our services, it’s a piece of cake. Hire a trainer on now and experience a seamless training program for your dog. With our skilled and experienced trainers, your dog will not only learn but also enjoy its time training.

Choose a training program that suits the best to your requirements. Need something personal or maybe more social, something regular or maybe intense. Tell us what you want for your pet, and we will come up with a plan that flows most efficiently with your routine, your dog’s needs, and their training requirements.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons on dog training, and they are one of the best choices you will make with regards to your dog. Training is a journey, and sharing it with your pet creates a chain of experiences that only you two share. The bond made during this time stays and only gets stronger.

This is why we highly recommend our private lessons program. Any questions you may have will be answered by our trainers and you will be guided to work with your dog in the most efficient manner.


A day camp is a day training program. From picking up your pet to dropping them off at the end of the day, we take care of them and their training all day long. This course is popular as it allows you to get on with your work during the day while we train your pet for 8 hours straight. After which you get to spend your usual quality time with your dog at home.

We offer some resources at the end of the day, which help you understand the training better and include you as a part of the training routine. So, even though you can’t be present during the training, you don’t miss out on the action.

There are no speed breakers in your routine, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our trainers work, so you can get on with yours peacefully.

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Board & Train

This program is a little more strong and focused than the others. We bring the trainee dogs to stay with us where we train them in intensive care. We look after their diet, activity, and playtime. The training goes on without a stop, and that allows us to work with even the most difficult of dogs.

We discuss with you the needs of your pet and then decide how many days the dog needs to board with us. This is a lucrative program for dogs that need special attention and focused efforts. You will notice remarkable changes in dogs that have trouble building the basic foundation of training. It’s also effective with pets that have behavioral or underlying obedience issues.

Group Classes

Group classes present you with a nice opportunity to socialize with your dog and meet new people and pets. Our group classes are big on fun time, and anyone who has attended one of these knows how impactful they are.

Group classes help your dog become more disciplined in a natural, uncontrolled setting. You get to see the training lessons get executed in real-life situations and amongst a social group. Our group classes are accessible to only those pets who have successfully completed at least one training with us.

You never know, your buddy may find a best friend in this class, or you may find a dog owner that you relate to and start hanging out with!


Somewhere around 15 miles away from Chicago, the city of Park Ridge is based in Cook County, Illinois. It is in close proximity to major roadways, railways, and an international airport.
The Pickwick theatre, an art deco building, is a famous structure from the area. The Park Ridge Public Library is another popular structure in the city. It’s renowned for brick making and was a center for it while developing the city of Chicago.