Dog Training Rhode Island
Rhode Island , (RI) Rhode Island provides a professional dog training service in Rhode Island and surrounding areas. offers professional dog training Rhode Island to suit every dog and owner. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge approach to dog training using behavioral modification techniques designed to suit your unique circumstances. All of our training approaches are based on attention-based methods allowing us to use a wide variety of tools including food, toys, collars, leashes, and our caller to achieve goals even around distractions. Whether you’re looking for some help with training your dog on basic obedience or require high-level training for off-leash control around distractions, we provide a variety of customized options to suit the needs of you and your dog. Read more about our training programs below and get in touch today for a free training and behavioral consultation.

Private Lessons

If you would rather get as hands-on as possible with your dog’s training, our Private Lessons program could be the ideal option for you and your pet. These lessons are designed to fit your unique needs and can be customized to help you work with any issues that you might be experiencing with your dog. They’re suitable for dogs of any age, breed, or temperament. Your trainer will come to work with you in the convenience of your own home or any other location of your choosing, to provide you with guidance and support on how to offer your dog the best training whether you’re looking to get in control of problem behaviors or want to teach a younger dog some basic obedience commands. You will be playing a key part in each of the private lessons and your trainer will leave you with homework to do together with your dog to continue their training until your next lesson.


If you’re unable to leave your dog with us for the full Board and Train program, a Day Train program for dog training Rhode Island could be the best alternative option for you. These full days of training give our trainers the chance to work intensively with your dog all day long, making them an ideal choice for dog owners who work full-time. When you collect your dog at the end of the day, we’ll go through what we’ve done and provide you with instructions on how to continue their training at home until their next session.

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Board & Train

Our popular Board and Train program is the ideal choice for the dog owner with a busy lifestyle or for anybody who wants to really fast-track their dog’s training. These programs are ideal for basic or advanced training and work especially well for dogs who are exhibiting certain problem behaviors such as separation anxiety, biting, fear issues, anxiety, or aggression towards humans or other dogs. During the program, you will leave your dog at our facility under the care and supervision of our experienced trainers, who will immerse your dog in the program with fun exercise sessions and field trips.

Board and Review

Once your dog has completed any of our above programs, you will be able to access our Board and Review program, which is ideal for previous program graduates who need some refresher training or if you would like to do some more work on fine-tuning certain aspects of your dog’s training so far. The program runs for five to seven days and is a great alternative to traditional dog boarding if you are considering taking a vacation – return home to a dog who is even better-trained than before! During your dog’s stay, not only will they have lots of fun, but we’ll spend the time brushing up on their existing skills and learning some new ones, depending on your needs.


Rhode Island is a state located in the New England region of the US. It’s the smallest U.S state but the second-most densely populated. Although the state takes its name from Rhode Island, it is mostly located on the mainland. It borders with Connecticut on the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south. It also shares a small border with New York. Rhode Island is nicknamed the Ocean State thanks to a number of oceanfront beaches.