Dog Training River Forest
River Forest , Illinois (IL) River Forest provides a professional dog training service in River Forest and surrounding areas.

Nobody trains your pet better than we do! At least in River Forest, Illinois! If you are looking for dog trainers that you can trust and rely upon, you have come to the right place. At, we have made a team of trainers that are skilled, professional, and experts in dog training. No matter what the breed and how difficult the dog is. We do our best to give you and your dog the experience of a lifetime.

Choose from our different training programs and see for yourself the difference in your dog. Our programs answer all kinds of needs. Whether you want a more social setting or a personal one, something short or something more committed. We have it for you.

Private Lessons

While training your dog solo may not be possible for you, training them in private with us allows you to have a similar, personal experience. While training a dog there is also a lot of scope for bonding and building a trustworthy relationship between the owner and the pet. With our private lessons, you can discover the joys of dog training yourself and witness as your pet evolves with each step.

We understand that training your dog can be very challenging and needs expert help. But hiring a trainer should not mean you falling behind in the journey. We take the efforts, so you and your dog can experience real bonding.


Day camp dog training is a concept that we came up with for dog parents that can’t afford to spend a lot of time on training but also want to be a part of their pet’s journey. A day camp is very simple and straightforward. We also offer pick-up and drop services for the day of the training. At the end of the day, we supplement you with resources that help you become a part of your dog’s journey.

Day camps are great if you just want a taste of dog training and see how it impacts your pet. You could be working, enjoying a day off, or off to a long drive. Your dog will have a productive day without you feeling guilty about it.

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Board & Train

Some pets need more extensive care and attention than others. They are not impossible to train, but they do need a different plan of action than most of the other dogs. Our boarding and training program is such a specially curated program for dogs that need more effort and action.

First, we discuss with you the needs of your dog. We decide on the number of days your pet will stay with us. During their stay, we take care of their food, exercise, sleep, and even playtime. Training happens all round the clock. This course lets us work more hours than normal with the dog and hence is more effective than the other programs we offer.

Group Classes

Dogs love company. And we love dogs! Our group classes are the place to be if you love group activities for your pet. You will find other dogs and their owners in this program, discovering the same journey you are on. Your pet may find a best friend, and you can find some dog parents that share the same experiences as you do.

Group classes show you your dog in a natural, uncontrolled environment. Since they are accessible to only those pets who have undergone at least one training program with us, you will be able to see your dog’s progress in a more regular setting.


The River Forest suburb lies along the Des Plains River. The Hal Tyrell Trailside Museum and the Christ Episcopal Church are some places to visit here. The known Concordia University and the Dominican University find themselves in this town. The Winslow House by Frank Lloyd Wright is also a popular destination in the area. The spacious town with its beautiful infrastructure attracts people that want to spend some alone time and enjoy the serenity.