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River North , Illinois (IL) River North provides a professional dog training service in River North and surrounding areas.

If you are a resident of River North in Chicago, IL and you are looking for a fantastic dog training service, Stayyy is the company you’ve been looking for! Stayyy offers puppy, adult, and group training services for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Your pup is sure to have a lot of fun and learn a ton while training at our River North dog training facility!

Private Lessons

If you are looking for one-on-one training provided by an outstanding dog trainer, Stayyy’s private lessons are the perfect option to meet your needs. During your private lessons, you’ll learn how to best interact with your pup in an effective and positive way. If there are any issues that arise before, during, or after class, your expert trainer will help you to handle these issues.
During your private lessons, your trainer will either meet you at our training facility or another dog-friendly location of your choice. Let us know what works best and we’ll meet you there!
Our private lessons are available both for puppies and adult dogs. We’ll work with both your pup and you to ensure your dog is well-trained, obedient, and friendly!

The Training Process

The training process at Stayyy revolves around both reinforcing positive habits while also removing troublesome behaviors. This starts with obedience training and goes from there.
On top of obedience, we also focus on:
· Exercise
· Socialization
· Breaking bad habits
· Mental stimulation
We approach certain behaviors your dog should not be engaging in head-on. Some of the bad habits we address at Stayyy include:
· Excessive barking
· Leash pulling
· Stealing food from other animals
· Jumping up on people
· Rushing in or out the door
· Charging at other animals
· Eating off the counter
Your dog needs to be socialized. They need to know how to properly interact with people, as well as other dogs. This is a key component of dog training. Your dog should not only be friendly but also safe around other dogs. During the training we provide, we give the dogs in our care lots of opportunities to meet other dogs, play, socialize, and learn more about being a pack member.


If you would like your pup to learn their basic commands and the fundamentals of obedience, consider Stayyy’s Day Camp program. During the immersive Day Camp provided by Stayyy, your pup will receive fantastic obedience training provided by our outstanding coaches. We have very flexible hours. Let us know what time is best for you to drop your pup off and pick them up (within our business hours). You can drop your dog off for a few hours or the whole day!
If your dog has special needs, don’t worry. Our trainers are able to accommodate dogs with all sorts of needs. We guarantee your pup will be properly taken care of.
Once it’s time to pick up your pup from Day Camp, we’ll send them home with some extra goodies. You can then work with them more when you get home.

Leadership Program

If you would like an emotionally balanced and happy dog, you need to show leadership. This is a very important part of dog ownership that owners often neglect. This leads to struggle and poor behavior. If your pup isn’t listening and you are always fighting with them, you likely need to undergo leadership training.

Hire A Trainer

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Board & Train

If you have a dog that needs a little extra training and attention, our Board and Train program may be the perfect solution. This program is designed to help dogs that have more advanced behavioral issues.
While it may seem like your dog simply isn’t as friendly as others, this likely isn’t the case. Aggression, unruliness, and other issues are behavioral issues that are learned. Because of this, they can be unlearned. All dogs have the capacity to be friendly, fun, and calm. There are no bad breeds or dogs. With that said, some behavioral issues will take longer than others to address.
With our Board and Train program, our fantastic trainers will work with your dog to address their aggression and mood issues. We will root out the negative habits and replace them with positive ones.
Regardless of your dog’s breed, age, size, or gender, help is available. Stayyy is here to help!


If you are a dog owner, it’s extremely important that your dog is obedient. This means not only knowing their basic commands but also being obedient every time you give them a command. If they aren’t obedient, they may eat your food, destroy your shoes, pee on the floor, or worse. A dog that isn’t obedient may get out of the house and run away. This puts them and others in danger—especially if they aren’t properly socialized. They may get hit by a car, attack another dog, or bite someone.
At Stayyy, we focus strongly on obedience training. We drill basic commands and make sure your dog listens each and every time. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, we can work with them and teach them the fundamentals of obedience. Unlike what you may have heard, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Group Classes

Once your dog knows the basics and listens to commands, they can join our group classes. During group classes, dogs are exposed to a well-monitored and controlled environment where they can play with other dogs and socialize. As their sessions continue, we raise the level of distraction and note their progress. Our goal is for your dog to become responsive and obedient in all situations. We also want to make sure they are friendly. We are available to train not only puppies but also adult dogs.
Stayyy provides group training in a variety of different locations. This includes our training centers, dog parks, dog beaches, and other dog-friendly venues. This way, your pup is able to interact with a variety of different environments.

What to Know About Dog Boarding

Dog boarding can be stressful. You may be worried about leaving your dog with someone else for a bit while you are out of town or otherwise occupied. There’s no need to worry when you board with Stayyy! Our dog boarding is focused on the care and happiness of the pups we are taking care of. We give dogs tons of opportunities to play, socialize, run around, and have fun.
Walks are important for the health and happiness of all dogs. We make sure to take the pups we are watching on long walks where they can sniff around, potty, and stretch their legs. We also provide them with outdoor time at our boarding facility. They’ll get to run about and play with other pups. Let us know if your dog has any special needs for their walks. We’ll tailor walks to meet their needs.
In order to board your pup, we’ll need current vaccination records and written proof of DHLPP and Bordetella before check-in. If your pup is over four months old, we’ll also need rabies vaccination records. This is for the protection of our staff and our other furry guests.
Some things you’ll want to consider when preparing for your pup’s vacation include:
· Bedding
· A feeding schedule
· Dog food and treats
· Kennel crate (if trained)
· Blankets and toys your dog loves
We look forward to hosting your pup in our dog hotel!

What does it mean to be a Pack Leader?

There will always be a pack leader in your house. If you aren’t it, your dog is. This is because dogs are hardwired to look for a leader-follower relationship. Even if you want to see your dog as an equal, they won’t see you the same way. It’s important to understand this element of dog psychology if you want to be an effective pet owner.
In order to be the pack leader, you need to show leadership skills. There is a misconception that being a pack leader means being a bully and/or being aggressive. This isn’t the case. Instead, the relationship should be more like that of a parent to a child. You set boundaries and create a structured environment. You also project a confident, calm, and assertive energy. This will make it much easier to train your dog.
If you establish yourself as the leader of your household, you’ll find your dog is calmer and there is more harmony in your home. You’ll build a happier and healthier relationship with your puppy or adult dog. Even If your dog has already taken the leadership role, don’t worry! You can still show leadership and become the pack leader.


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