Dog Training Roselle
Roselle , Illinois (IL) Roselle provides a professional dog training service in Roselle and surrounding areas. dog training Roselle IL offers excellent dog training services provided by the top dog trainers in Roselle Illinois. Our trainers provide a variety of different training services for both puppies and adult dogs. We are able to work on basic commands, obedience, aggression, and anything else you need help with. We approach every client with the needs of their specific pup in mind. You will never be met with a “one size fits all” approach.
At Stayyy, we are committed to helping dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. We believe every dog deserves a happy, healthy, and balanced life. That’s why we work with both dogs and their owners to instill positive, lifelong habits.
If you have trouble with barking, chewing, socialization, leash pulling, jumping, aggression, or other troublesome habits, we offer:

  • Immersive dog training
  • Obedience training
  • Board and train
  • Puppy training
  • Pack leadership training
  • Additional services

Stayyy offers all of the tools your pup and you need to succeed in the long term. It is our goal to strengthen the bonds between dogs and their owners. This is best done by providing stability, consistency, and lots of love.
We don’t just work with dogs when we provide training services—we also work with their owners. We will train you on how to be a better pack leader, and we will show you how to reinforce positive habits while eliminating troublesome ones. We are excited to work with your furry friend!

Day Train Program

For a more immersive training experience for your pup, Stayyy offers a Day Train program. With this training program, you are able to drop off your pup at our training center whenever you would like (during our business hours) for either a few hours or the entire day. You can then pick them up when it is convenient. During their stay at our facility, we will work with them on basic commands, obedience, and socialization.
Once you pick up your pup, we will show you what we’ve worked on for the day, and we will provide you with a brief, one-on-one session so you can continue to work on what your dog learned once you get home. This is a key component of ensuring the lessons stick.

One-On-One Lessons

Some dogs need additional support, and that’s okay! You may have something really small that needs to be worked on or a particularly troublesome habit that needs to be broken. Whatever the case may be, let us know! Stayyy offers private, one-on-one lessons for our clients. During these lessons, we will work with your dog to overcome any challenges. We are also available to help with basic commands and obedience training.
Part of the long-term success of our one-on-one sessions is working with the owner along with the dog. During the sessions, our expert dog trainer will show you how to give commands, reinforce positive habits, and root out problem behaviors. We also provide pack leadership training, which helps to ensure your pup knows who is in command. With additional confidence and positive reinforcement, your dog will follow commands and become more obedient.
Stayyy works around your schedule. Let us know when you are available, and we’ll work with you to find the right time to provide one-on-one lessons.

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Puppy Programs

We all love puppies! They are adorable, soft, cuddly, and full of love. They are also little troublemakers. Puppies will often pee on the floor, bark, get into the trash, eat off the table, and engage in other poor behaviors. It’s important to root these problems out early on and address them. In order to ensure your puppy grows to be a happy, healthy, and well-mannered adult dog, they need to be properly trained.
Stayyy offers Puppy Training programs designed specifically for young pups. During this training, your puppy will learn basic commands, socialization, and obedience. We will also work with you to show you how to reinforce these positive behaviors.

Group Classes

Stayyy offers Group Classes that allow dog owners and their pups to work on what they have learned. Once we’ve ensured your dog knows the basics of obedience and socialization, you will be invited to participate in our group training classes. Your dog will be given the opportunity to meet other dogs and socialize. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with your dog in a controlled environment.
Group classes are available for both puppies and adult dogs. You will need approval to join our group classes.


Roselle, Illinois is a suburb of Chicago with lovely parks and great outdoor activities. There are summer concerts, arts and crafts events, and so much more. There are lots of great places for your dog to stretch their legs, sniff around, and play! Make sure you take your pup to 4 Paws Dog Park, where they can work on their socialization and meet others.