Dog Training West Town
West Town , Illinois (IL) West Town provides a professional dog training service in West Town and surrounding areas.

If you are in West Town, IL and you are looking for an outstanding training service for your adult dog or puppy, Stayyy is the dog training company you are looking for. We offer private, immersive, and group training sessions for both puppies and adult dogs. Your pup is sure to have a fun time and learn a lot at our West Town dog training facility!

Private Lessons

If you are looking to work one-on-one with one of our excellent trainers, you’ll definitely want to consider private lessons. You’ll have the opportunity to work with a top dog trainer and learn more about training and interacting with your pup in a positive way. If any issues arrive before, during, or after class, your trainer will be able to handle those issues professionally.
Private lessons are available at a variety of different venues. We can either host your pup and you at our amazing training center, or we can visit your home. Let us know where you would like to meet, and we’ll work with you.
With private lessons, we promise your adult dog or puppy will become so well-trained that you can take them with you anywhere!

The Training Process

The training program at Stayyy is focused on removing troublesome habits, while also reinforcing positive behaviors. The first step is teaching the basic commands and drilling them. Even if your puppy or adult dog knows the basics, we still drill the basic commands to ensure they listen each and every time.
We also focus on:
· Breaking bad habits
· Exercise
· Socialization
· Mental stimulation
We approach certain behaviors your dog should not be engaging in head-on. Some of the bad habits we address at Stayyy include:
· Leash pulling
· Stealing food from other animals
· Jumping up on people
· Excessive barking
· Rushing in or out the door
· Charging at other animals
· Eating off the counter
Socialization is one of the most important parts of dog training. It helps to ensure your dog is safe around other dogs. A lot of our training revolves around socializing your pup properly. We offer a ton of opportunities for the dogs we train to learn the importance of being a pack member and socializing with others.


The Stayyy Day Camp is the perfect place for your pup to learn the fundamentals of obedience and receive basic training. Our day camp training is immersive, and during day camp our professional coaches will work with your dog closely. Feel free to drop off your dog at our day camp and we will watch them for as long as you’d like (during business hours). You can even drop them off for the whole day!
We offer flexible training hours, and our day camp is very customer-friendly. If your dog has special needs, let us know! Our expert and seasoned trainers can work with pups with all kinds of needs.
When it comes time to pick up your dog and take them home, we’ll make sure to send them home with some extra goodies. You can then continue working with your pup when you get home.

Leadership Program

Leadership is an extremely important part of dog ownership. Your dog needs to understand their position in the pack, and they need to see you as the pack leader. It’s extremely difficult to raise a mentally and emotionally balanced dog if they don’t know who the pack leader is. Without showing proper leadership, your dog will fight you for independence and leadership constantly. Our leadership program helps you to become the leader of your pack—which creates more stability in your household.

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Board & Train

If your dog needs a little extra love and attention, we offer a boarding and training program to meet their needs.
While some dogs are initially friendlier than others, this doesn’t mean your dog can’t be friendly with other dogs and people. Aggression isn’t a breed problem. It’s a learned behavior. No matter what breed your dog is, we can work with them to address moodiness, aggression, and other problematic behaviors. There is no such thing as a bad dog! Only improper training. During our boarding and training sessions, we work closely with your puppy or adult dog to get rid of negative behaviors in a positive and caring way.
No matter what your dog’s breed, gender, or age is, our top trainers can work with them to remove any problem behaviors.


One of the most important parts of dog ownership is obedience training. Your dog needs to know their basic commands, and they should listen to you every time you give a command. If they don’t learn to be obedient, they may destroy your furniture, pee all over, attack other dogs, bite you, and even bite other people. This can mean serious consequences like lawsuits or even having your dog put down. In order to protect your dog, others, and you, obedience training is a must.
Our training programs all start with obedience training as a foundation. From there, specific issues can be addressed. Generally, obedience training takes care of the majority of issues dogs have.

Group Classes

Once we’ve ensured your dog is properly trained on the basics, we will allow them access to our group classes. During these classes, they are exposed to a well-monitored and controlled environment where they are encouraged to socialize with other dogs. During the initial sessions, we gradually increase the level of distraction so we can note your dog’s improvements. We want to ensure your pup grows up to be friendly and well-trained. That’s why we offer socialization for puppies. With that said, we also offer socialization for adult dogs.
We offer group training classes not only at our dog training centers, but also at various beaches, parks, and other dog-friendly venues. We allow your dog to interact with a variety of external environments. This allows them to grow and develop without confining them in an indoor space.

What to Know About Dog Boarding

If you are going out of town for a bit or are otherwise unavailable, you should consider the dog boarding provided by Stayyy. We ensure your dog stays happy and occupied throughout their stay. We give them the chance to run around, play, and socialize with other dogs.
We understand how important it is for your pup to sniff around, go potty, and stretch their legs. That’s why we make sure your dog gets long, daily walks. Each dog has their unique needs, so we make sure to tailor the walks we provide to the needs of each and every dog.
In order to board your pup, we’ll need current vaccination records and written proof of DHLPP and Bordetella before check-in. If your pup is over four months old, we’ll also need rabies vaccination records. This is for the protection of our staff and our other furry guests.
Some things you’ll want to consider when preparing for your pup’s vacation include:
· A feeding schedule
· Blankets and toys your dog loves
· Bedding
· Kennel crate (if trained)
· Dog food and treats
We look forward to hosting your pup in our doggy hotel!

What does it mean to be a Pack Leader?

Many people don’t really understand what being a “pack leader” means. Others simply don’t like the concept of a master-subject relationship. Instead, they want to see their dog as an equal. The problem is dogs don’t think that way. Dogs aren’t humans. They will always look for a pack leader, and they will always want to know where they are in the hierarchy. If they don’t see you showing leadership qualities, they will take over as the pack leader.
Being a “pack leader” doesn’t mean being a bully. Instead, it’s like being a parent to a child. It’s your responsibility as pack leader to encourage your dog and provide them with guidance. If you are a good leader, they will listen. This makes it easier to train them. They will be able to develop healthy behaviors and relationships much easier. Just like with a child, as pack leader, you will also be responsible for setting boundaries and sticking to them.
In order to ensure harmony in your household, you need to establish yourself as pack leader. You can then build a healthy and happy relationship with your puppy or adult dog. It’s never too late to become pack leader! It may take a bit of work, but your dog will learn to respect you as a leader if you show leadership qualities.


West Town is a lovely area of Chicago, IL that is home to a variety of different stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. It is also home to Ukrainian Village. For more cultural experiences, visit Humboldt Park. Here, you can go to the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture.
There are plenty of great paths and parks to take your dog to in West Town. Go for a nice, long walk with your pup in West Town in Chicago, IL!