How Much Exercise Does A Husky Need?
[All you need to know]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

Huskies are known for being high-energy dogs. This is a breed originally bred for the purpose of hard work and to pull sleds or pull sleighs in cold weather and thick snow for miles. Physical activity is part of their DNA.

Many working dog breeds have the same amount or more energy than other puppies or adult animals and require extra attention to their exercise levels each day. This can be pretty common with German Shepherd dogs and Border collies as well as other working breeds like Labradors.

However, none of these breeds needs as much daily exercise as the Husky breed. Some owners will buy a Husky and then realize that they were not prepared for the amount of activity that their puppy needs each day.

The Husky Dog Breed

The Husky breed was created to help with the hard work and hunting done by native tribes. These dogs were designed to be exceptionally hardy even under extreme conditions like the intense cold. 

Huskies can run for 100 miles a day and commonly are asked to go at least 20 or 30 miles in a day when working as sled dogs. This selective breeding process has led to animals that can go for hours and hours without getting tired.

The Husky dog breed was also designed for its unique fluffy and thick coat and its beautiful coloring. These dogs often have blue eyes ringed with dark fur, and they are typically wolfy in appearance. 

This is a beautiful breed with a great personality. Huskies are loving, kind and enjoy learning new tricks and having a job to do each day.

How Much Exercise Does a Husky Need Each day? 

Believe it or not, the ideal amount of exercise for Siberian Huskies who are no longer small puppies and are not over the age of 8 is two hours a day. This number can vary per individual dog, but as a rule of thumb, your Husky will need a couple of hours of intense exercise daily to be happy and healthy. 

Getting enough activity will prevent your Husky dog from engaging in destructive behavior as well as excessive barking or digging.

This means that you need to be prepared to invest the effort required into the exercise needs of your Husky dog. Huskies that are not exercised enough are often fretful or unhappy dogs.

To avoid having an unhappy or frustrated Husky in your home, plan on setting aside at least one hour each day to exercise your Husky. This might seem like a lot of time, but you can combine your workout plans with the needs of your Husky in many instances.

Take your Husky for long daily walks or hikes, or go for your daily run over long distances with your Husky along with you. There are many ways that you can exercise your Husky for an hour each day, and you will find that you might have so much fun that you will want to take even longer to play with them and tired them out.

A happy Husky is a dog that gets to enjoy hiking trails with its owner. These dogs enjoy hiking more than most dogs, and hiking huskies are a common sight when you live near trails.

What Kind Of Exercise Do Huskies Enjoy?

Huskies were bred to run for long periods of time over rough surfaces. They are hardy and sure-footed dogs, and they like to be challenged mentally. This is fundamental to the breed, and it can create challenges for some Husky owners because their dogs can get bored quickly.

You will find that many Huskies do not love to play fetch or other more common domestic dog activities. These are high drive dogs made for hard work, so their exercise preferences are often more in line with an athlete working on endurance skills. 

Being bred for sledding, they are strong enough to pull more than your body weight for miles, and Siberian Husky exercise needs to be intense as a result.

Siberian Husky Dogs Love the Dog Park and Outside Exercise

Here are some amazing Husky exercise ideas:

  • Running

Siberian Huskies always love to run. This is almost universal for every Husky. You can take your pet running with you when you go for your daily job, but you might find that some dogs are so fit and driven that this is more work for you than it is for them.

For dogs passionate about running but are more fit than any human will ever be, you can invest in a harness that attaches to a bike. This harness will make sure that your Siberian Husky stays with you while you ride. You can put many miles into your dog’s daily exercise plan on a bike.

Another way to exercise Huskies who love to run is to get on your skateboard or your rollerblades and have your dog tow you! Huskies were bred to be sled dogs, after all, and they love to pull things as they run. This kind of running can be enjoyable for everyone involved, and it can give your dog a fun challenge that they will enjoy.

  • Exercise With a Pack On

This is another way of working out your Husky’s energy that taps into their original breeding. They were often used as pack animals by their original breeders, and they are very good at carrying packs and other heavy items.

Carrying something heavy is more work than just running without moving anything, so putting a weighted pack on your dog can help tire them out and keep them fit and happy. There are many kinds of dog packs on the market. Some are made to carry items for the dog’s owners on a hike or go camping, while others are made for dog conditioning.

  • Obedience Training and Agility Training

Huskies are very intelligent, and they love mental stimulation as well as physical challenge. Because they were initially used for hunting, they are very clever at learning complex skills. This means that obedience or agility training can be a perfect fit for their exercise needs.

Obedience training is hard physical work, but it is also challenging mentally for dogs. This is why working dogs are often the best suited to this kind of work. You can teach your dog lots of excellent training skills while helping them burn energy if you use obedience training as your daily exercise routine for your Husky.

Obedience training can also be done in competitions, and you and your Husky can have lots of fun trying your hand at competing with the skills they have learned. Obedience competitions offer up lots of fun mental stimulation for your Husky, and you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work when you can win your classes with your dog!

  • Hill Runs and Swimming

Running hills is a classic way to tire out your Husky efficiently. They will also enjoy the mental stimulation of the different terrain. You can do this hill running with your Husky, or you can take out their favorite toy and have them fetch it and bring it back up and down the mountain to give them more exercise.

Many Huskies do not love to fetch, but they do love to chase a frisbee, so you can use your frisbee for this kind of workout if you do not want to go up and down the hill with your dog.

Swimming is another area in which Huskies excel. If you have a local river or lake that you can take your Husky to, you can give them a lot of exercise easily when you go swimming with them. Many people take their Husky with them when they go kayaking, or they might use a floating toy to have their Husky fetch and swim.

Always make sure that the swimming location you have picked for this exercise is safe and does not have undertow or water predators that might hurt your dog. Swimming can be lots of fun for your dog, but only if you take them to a safe location to do it.

  • Use a Flirt Pole

This fun tool can be used on the days that you don’t want to have to go out in the rain and exercise your Husky for an hour. These are long, bendy poles with something attached at the end that your Husky will want to play with. This might be a ball or some other item that they will chase.

The flirt pole will react to being pulled on by rebounding away from your dog. This lets your dog chase after the object at the end of the pole for as long as they want to do so. You won’t have to do anything but watch and enjoy their fun game.

This can be a great solution for dogs with such high energy that even an hour of walking or running is not enough for them. You can also use this tool if you are not able to take your dog out due to your own health constraints or your location. This can be a fun option to break up a boring exercise routine as well.

Dog parks can be a great solution for you and your Husky on days where you are just not up for hours of working on their energy level. The dog park can also be a lovely complement to other training methods or activity types because your dog will get social engagement from experience.

Why Exercise Matters For Huskies

Exercise is crucial for your Husky’s health for a variety of reasons. This is not just a preference of theirs that you are catering for. There are actual physical reasons that exercise is a requirement for most Husky dogs when compared to other dog breeds.

Prevent Destructive Behaviors

  • Behavior

Husky dogs are brilliant, and they can struggle with bad behavior if they are not given enough stimulation each day. They might start to be aggressive about their favorite toy or food if they have lots of pent-up energy that they are struggling with. 

Siberian Huskies who are not given enough exercise will also be inclined to run away. It is a familiar story to hear about a Husky which has jumped the fence and run off many neighborhoods away. This is usually due to pent-up energy that the dog has decided to release on its own.

Training is a Helpful Resource

Huskies are always at their best behaved when they are given enough physical exercise to be happy. If your puppies or adult pet is not eating well or is running away, you probably need to increase their daily activity.

  • Training

It can be tough to give your Husky any other training when they are too energetic. They are like hyper kids when they have not gotten enough exercise, and they might be defiant or get very upset when you are trying to teach them new skills.

Many Dogs Need Exercise for Health

Dogs that seem emotional are usually just overly energetic, and Huskies illustrate this principle better than many other dog breeds. If you want to teach your Husky dog a new skill, take them on a run first before you start trying to teach them this new idea.

  • Health

Even more than other working dog breeds, Huskies were bred to be given challenging daily tasks to complete. They were designed to be busy and active all day, and they will not be healthy if they cannot take care of this fundamental need.

Husky dogs who are not allowed to exercise can be sad, go off their food, or lose muscle and bone health. Their very DNA requires that they are busy and active, and fit, and many Husky dog owners report that they can visibly see the improvements that proper exercise can create in their dog.

To keep your Husky dog at its healthiest, you will need to be sure to exercise them enough every day.

What About Puppy Care?

Your puppy will not need as much exercise as adult dogs will, but they are still some of the most high-energy puppies out there. Your happy Husky puppy will often seem to sleep very little and play all the time. Husky puppy life is all about play and adventure, and you can make sure that you use this energy to teach them obedience.

It can be tiring to entertain a puppy if you do not have other pets for them to play with. Always make sure to offer your puppy long walks and make sure that they have access to enough toys to keep their mental engagement.

Your puppy will not be strong enough to go running until they are close to a year old, but when they are young, you can still do obedience training and long walks to keep them busy and happy. These kinds of activities will also teach your Husky puppy to respect you, pay attention to you, and give you a foundation to build off of when they get older.

Huskies Are Very High Energy But Also Fun

Siberian Huskies are active dogs, but their joy in life is infectious. Many Husky owners report that their dog makes them feel eager and excited to go out and enjoy life. There is nothing quite like a fun and happy partner to do outdoor activities with. Having a Husky in your life means that you will have a fun buddy to go on all kinds of fun adventures alongside.

You will find that once you get into a good rhythm with your Husky, the exercise process is actually fun for both of you! There are many really great activities that you can enjoy with your Husky and you and your dog will have hours of fun together.

How Much Exercise Does A Husky Need?

Siberian Husky dogs need at least an hour of exercise a day, but some dogs will need more than that. A Husky puppy will not run or do lots of intense exercise until they are a year old, but they will still need mental stimulation daily. Getting a Husky puppy or dog means that you commit to at least an hour of education, entertainment, or exercise with your dog each day.

Husky dogs or a Husky puppy are kind, friendly, and fun-loving. They make great companions, are like a family member,  and they love people. There is no better breed to get if you want to have a great pet who will do lots of fun activities with you.

Siberian Huskies and husky puppies are some of the best family dogs out there, and you will never regret adding a Husky puppy to your family!