How to Find a Dog Trainer in Chicago

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: December 7, 2022

Finding the right dog trainer can seem like an uphill battle. There are a lot of trainers in the Chicago area, and you want to make sure you find the perfect trainer to teach your pup. Whether you have a puppy that is just learning the basics of obedience or an adult dog with behavioral issues, the right company will be able to provide you with a professional trainer that can help your pup to break bad habits and learn new ones. They will also be able to teach your dog the basics of obedience, while showing you how to reinforce the positive habits your dog is forming.
Below is more information about finding the right dog trainer in Chicago, along with the types of training offered by the top dog trainer in Chicago—Stayyy.

How to Find a Dog Trainer in Chicago

When you are looking for an excellent dog trainer in Chicago, there are a few things that you’ll want to consider. Below are some tips for finding the right trainer to meet the needs of your furry friend…

Search Online

The quickest and easiest way to find dog trainers in Chicago is by searching online. With that said, there will be a lot of options that pop up…

Check Testimonials

Visit the website of the various training companies you are considering. Check for testimonials. These will help to paint a better picture of the type of training the company provides, as well as what kind of results you can expect.

Read Reviews

Along with the testimonials on the website, you should read some of the reviews. Like with anything else, keep in mind that people use different metrics to rate companies. With that said, look for companies with positive scores. They don’t have to be perfect, but you’ll at least want to make sure there are people that have nice things to say about the company. You can also learn more about their services and the quality of their services by checking the reviews.

Ask for Referrals

If you have friends or family members that have dogs and have worked with trainers in the past, consider asking them for referrals. They may be able to point you in the right direction, while also helping you steer clear of less helpful companies. Before asking for a referral, though, consider how their dog behaves and whether they are properly trained.

Contact the Trainer

When you find a company that you think may be a good fit, contact the company and speak with a trainer. They can answer any questions you may have. Stayyy has the top trainers in the Chicago area, and our trainers are happy to answer questions and speak with you about the unique needs of your pup.
While the tips above will help you in your search, why look any further than Stayyy? Our testimonials speak for themselves. Stayyy clients love the amazing results we provide. We promise you will too. We are dog lovers, and our trainers are experts in the field. Whether you need help with basic obedience or advanced behavioral issues, let us know! Contact Stayyy today for more information.

Types of Training

Depending on the needs of your dog, there are different types of training you may be considering. Below are some of the types of training provided by Stayyy…

Obedience Training

The foundation of any dog training program is obedience training. It’s very important for your dog to know their basic commands, and to respond to them each and every time you give them. If your dog chooses to ignore you, there can be serious consequences. For some, a lack of obedience training leads to a dog that eats off the table, pees on the floor, and generally doesn’t listen when asked to do something. It can get much worse than that, though. If you have a dog that isn’t obedient, they may run away, pick a fight with another dog, or even bite someone! This can lead to a lawsuit and your pup getting put down.
There are a lot of reasons why your dog needs obedience training. That’s why Stayyy starts by ensuring your dog knows their basic commands and responds when given those commands. This creates a happier and healthier relationship between your furry friend and you, while also creating a safer environment.

Pack Leadership Training

One aspect of dog training that Stayyy focuses on that other training companies may not is pack leadership training. If you want to ensure you have a happy and mentally balanced dog, you need to take the reins and become the pack leader. Dogs respond to a leader-follower relationship. If you aren’t the leader, you’re the follower. As much as some owners want to see their dog as equals, the dog doesn’t see things the same way. It’s important to understand how a dog thinks to properly train them. Without taking over the leadership position, your dog will assume it—which leads to disastrous results.
In order to ensure your dog listens to you and respects the commands you give you need to learn to be the leader of your pack. Stayyy focuses on not only training dogs but also their owners. You will learn how to properly lead your dog. Our leadership training focuses on setting boundaries, being confident, and rewarding good behavior. You don’t have to be a tyrant to be a leader! Your Stayyy trainer will show you how to establish yourself as the leader so your dog will listen when you give them commands without using fear or intimidation tactics.

Group Training Classes

Once we are confident that your dog understands the basic commands and obedience, they can start attending the group training classes at Stayyy. These classes are an excellent way for your dog to meet other pups and better their socialization skills. It’s extremely important for your dog to understand how to become a part of a pack and meet other dogs in a safe manner. Your dog will have lots of opportunities to strengthen their social skills, play, and engage in positive interactions with other dogs. You’ll also have the chance to work on your commands and obedience training with your pup.
We highly encourage group training for puppies, as it’s important for them to develop their social skills. With that said, we also offer group training for adult dogs as well. It’s never too late for your dog to learn proper socialization skills.

Puppy Training

Puppies are little bundles of joy. Who doesn’t love puppies? With that said, they are also a major responsibility. If you don’t work with them, they can pee on the floor, chew everything in your house, and get into other forms of trouble. At Stayyy, we offer puppy training for pups as young as 12 weeks of age. During this training, we teach your puppy the basics of obedience and ensure they don’t develop bad habits. We also make sure they are properly socialized so they grow up to be dog-friendly adults.
Make sure your puppy learns good behaviors early in life! Enroll your puppy in our puppy training program.

Day Camp

Stayyy offers a fantastic and immersive Day Camp program. Here, dogs can learn the fundamentals of obedience and can learn their basic commands. Even if they know the basics, our trainers will drill those basics to ensure they listen every time.
We are very flexible with our Day Camp. You can drop off your pup for a few hours or the whole day! Just let us know what works for you (within our business hours). Once your dog is done for the day, we’ll make sure to send them off with some goodies. When you get home, you can keep working with your pup and reinforce the good behaviors they have learned.

Board and Train

Some dogs develop bad habits and need a little extra attention. If your dog has more advanced behavioral issues, our Board and Train program may be the perfect solution. Remember—there is no such thing as a “bad dog” or “problem breed.” There are only bad habits and behaviors. While your dog stays with us, we will work with them to rid them of their problem behaviors. We will also reinforce positive behaviors.
Every dog is a “good dog…” they just may need a little extra support and training.

About Stayyy

Stayyy services the Chicagoland area and is made up of a team of dog lovers. Our trainers are experts in their field, and they are able to address problem behaviors while enforcing good habits. Whether you have a puppy that is just learning their commands or an adult dog that needs to unlearn some bad habits, our team is able to provide you with the support you need.
When looking for the right dog training in Chicago, look no further than Stayyy! Reach out today. We’re here to help!