Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids?
[The Complete Edition]

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: January 17, 2022

It is common for a parent to ask, “Are Chihuahuas good with kids?” before getting a small dog for their family. The answer to this is not as simple as yes, or no.

All dog breeds can be right for living with children, but sometimes you have to do some training before the kid and the dog begins to get along. And it’s not just the dog that needs training. Your children will need to learn how to handle your chihuahua the right way so that the dog feels safe and secure around them.

Bringing any new pet into your home requires an investment into the training of you, the dog, and your family to get along. The Chihuahua dog breed is the perfect size for kids and is a great dog if you don’t have space for a large pet in your home.

The Chihuahua Dog Breed

It is speculated that this is actually a breed that dates back to ancient times. There is Aztec art that shows dogs that appear to be like chihuahuas. The Chihuahua breed has always been intended to be a companion animal but may also have been used for hunting small vermin.

This means that the Chihuahua breed is a saucy, cute, and slightly fierce one. They have a lot of personality in a small package! A Chihuahua may not be as large as a German Shepherd, but they are an excellent pet for people who love little dogs and still want a protector for their home.
There is no one more fierce than a Chihuahua who feels like their home or family is not safe! Chihuahuas are known for their deep barks contained inside their little bodies, and they are never afraid to make their opinions known!

Chihuahuas come in a few varieties, short coats, and long coats, and many colors. This means that many coat patterns and colors can offset their characteristic small stature and large eyes.

This is a very cute, affectionate, and fun breed of dog that is very popular for a reason. Whether you have a short-coated chihuahua or a long-coated one, you will have an adorable companion who is loyal to a fault.

Are Chihuahuas Good With Kids?

So, now that we know more about the breed, are Chihuahuas good with children?

As with any breed, if you get a chihuahua puppy, you will need to make sure to introduce it to all of your family members slowly. They might be overwhelmed if there are too many new people in their lives all at once.
Puppies of any dog breed need time to get used to their new home, and they can get scared if your daughter or your son grabs them roughly or frightens them. Puppies are fragile, and all of the kids in your home need to remember to be careful with your new Chihuahua.

Make sure that your children do not pick the dog up quickly or squeeze it too hard. You will also want to discourage any ear or tail pulling. Little children like to do things like this because they do not realize that it hurts or annoys dogs.

If you have older kids, make sure that they understand that the chihuahua that you have brought into the home might be scared of loud noises or sudden movements at first. They are brave dogs, but they often need a couple of days to get used to their surroundings before their confidence shines through.

Teach everyone in the home how to pick up a small dog correctly so that they do not hurt the chihuahua and frighten it. This might seem obvious, but many people with small dogs do not pick them up correctly and cause them discomfort at every interaction.

Part of being a parent is teaching your children to handle each pet in the home correctly.

How to Pick Up a Small Dog Properly

All owners of small dogs, whether they are children or parents, should learn to pick up their dog properly. This is an essential part of dog ownership that often gets neglected.


To pick up small dog breeds correctly:

  1. Warn the chihuahua that you are going to pick it up by speaking to it with quiet words and making sure that it sees you approaching. Surprise experience is often the underlying cause for dog bites or issues with dog aggression.
  2. Slip your dominant hand under the belly and in between the front legs. Cradle the chest with that hand in between the front legs.
  3. Lift up and toward you, and make sure to immediately cradle the back end of the chihuahua against your ribs.
  4. Apply a bit of pressure to secure your hold on the dog, and cradle their bottom against your elbow. You can also put your free hand under their bottom if that is more comfortable for you and your dog.

Learning how to pick up your chihuahua correctly can be a major help in preventing issues between your dog and your children. This is one of the most easily overlooked issues that chihuahuas and children run into.

Once everyone in your family has some experience with this technique, things will go swimmingly for everyone!

Why is my Chihuahua Growling at my Kids?

These kinds of warning behaviors are often related to the dog being startled or in pain. They might also growl to warn others away from their food or their bed. This is a self-protection behavior.
Make sure that everyone in your family, including your children, allows the chihuahua to eat in peace in your home. You also need to be sure that no one is scaring the pet on purpose. Once a dog feels threatened, no matter what breed it is, it will tend to display this kind of behavior.

Resolve issues of trust with careful re-integration of your dog and your kids with supervised interaction time. Your chihuahua will be grateful for your presence, and you can guide your children about how to approach the pet and pick it up.

If you think that your pet might be in pain, always take them to a vet. This is an essential part of animal care and integrating into your home, and a vet will be able to find any possible injuries or health concerns that could be causing these behaviors.

Are Chihuahuas Good Family Dogs?

So, by now, you’ve learned a lot about the Chihuahua breed, and you have probably realized that a chihuahua is perfect for your kids!

Chihuahuas are great with children and love having a big family caring for them and playing with them. Always make sure that your chihuahua is not being startled or picked up roughly, and your kids will have a lifelong friend!

The Chihuahua breed is an adorable, feisty, and delightful one that will give you and your kids years of joy and companionship.