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Fort Wayne , Indiana (IN) Fort Wayne provides a professional dog training service in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas.

Are you searching for a professional and safe dog training center near the Fort Wayne area of Indiana? You have come to the right place. is the ideal place for you to choose training sessions for your dog! Our services range from group training classes, immersive classes and in-home private training sessions.

All of our trainers have rich experience in training dogs, and they have all the necessary know-how to handle any breed of dog. Irrespective of your dog’s gender, age, or breed, our trainers will have no issues guiding and helping you in the course of training.

Private Lessons

If you aim to involve your dog in an effective training program, we recommend you go for private training sessions. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to work hand in hand with our professionals in training your dog. If any issue comes up, our trainers will always be there to solve them for you, even if it is before, during, or after the training process.

You’ll also have an option to choose your place of liking to carry forward the training sessions, and it can be your home or our training center.


We also provide a unique training program that includes both private lessons and immersive training. Even if you’re busy with your work, don’t worry; drop your dog friend at our training center, and our pros will look after them taking care of all their needs.

We’ll keep your dog engaged in a wide range of games, fun training sessions, and immersive sessions, and if your dog is specially abled and has particular needs, we’ll take care of that too. You don’t have to worry about anything.

These services are available to you seven days a week, and our dedication to our customers doesn’t end here. We also provide some goodies that you can take home to keep you and your buddy happy.

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Board & Train

Every dog is not the same, and we understand that correctly. If your dog is not that friendly with people and other animals, the best solution to change their behavior is to provide one on one, intensive form of training. Use of force will never show the desired results; even though the training is intensive, we would not apply pressure of any sort.

When you have your dog enrolled in the Board & Train program, our trainers will start the attention-improving sessions, including fun outdoor activities. By the end of this training session, we assure you that your canine buddy will be transformed into a well-groomed dog and will be liked by everyone.

Group Classes

You and your dog will obtain access to our group training classes once the initial day camp training has been completed. These classes are conducted in a controlled environment where our training will make your dog’s training much more effective.

Furthermore, you can also take advantage of these classes as you get a platform to engage and talk with other fellow dog owners. This session is the best place to learn new things from others and share the experiences and knowledge you were exposed to when you and your dog started the training program.

Group classes are very crucial in developing your dog’s character as your dog gets to engage with other dogs. Along with that, we frequently change the training venues to various dog-friendly parks, beaches, and pet stores.


Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in Indiana. This city has excellent historical and traditional values. It is famous for its architecture influenced by the Greek, Gothic, and Italianate styles and is known for its contribution to history since the indigenous people occupied it.

Located in the northeast corner of the state at the confluence of three rivers, it is a diverse industrial, commercial, and business center with an attractive downtown and a friendly, small-town feel for a city its size.