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Arkansas , (AR) Arkansas provides a professional dog training service in Arkansas and surrounding areas.

Our mission at is to improve your quality of life as a dog owner by training dogs to be confident, happy, and obedient. We use a balanced, positive reinforcement training approach and specialize in off-leash control. 90% of what we do is based on positive reinforcement, but we also believe that calm yet assertive corrections or consequences for unwanted behaviors are needed for a well-behaved, well-rounded dog. We offer a range of different lessons and program types to suit the needs and requirements of both you and your dog. Check out what we offer below and get in touch today to learn more with a free dog training consultation.

Basic Training

Our one-on-one private Basic Training program is designed to teach your dog some basic manners including sit, place, recall, and how to walk nicely on the leash. During this two-session program, we will work with your dog to improve their behavior. At the end of the first 90-minute session, your dog will have learned how to walk nicely on their leash and will have started to understand the ‘come’ and ‘place’ commands.
You will work together with the trainer who will teach you how to continue your dog’s training successfully at home and how to specifically work on anything that’s important to you. We customize all our lessons to ensure that you’re able to meet your unique goals for your dog. This is a technique known as ‘lifestyle training’ where we work with you to incorporate your dog’s training into your daily life.


This dog training Arkansas program is a step up from Basic Training, working with your dog on leash walking, auto-sit, and any other issues that you might be having with them. The program consists of one session lasting 90 minutes, and by the end of the session, your dog will have learned how to walk nicely on their leash. We will start the initial work on any issues you are having with your dog and provide you with instructions and information to continue the training at home.

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Board & Train

Our Board and Train Program is an intensive program designed for the dog owner who is short on time to conduct a lot of training at home or is not able to attend the other training programs on a regular basis. Your dog will come to stay at our dog training Arkansas facility for a minimum of two to three weeks, which makes it an excellent alternative to a regular boarding facility if you are planning a vacation. This program allows us to really get to know your dog and work intensively with them over the course of their stay on basic obedience commands and correcting any unwanted or problem behaviors that you have been experiencing with your dog. You’ll also get two one-hour long private sessions after the Board and Train program is complete; one when you come to collect your dog and a follow-up session within the next thirty days. Our trainers will provide you with regular updates on your dog’s progress during the program and you’ll go home with all the information that you need to continue working on their training at home.

Board and Review

If your dog has trained with us previously, you can take advantage of our Board and Review program, which includes dropping your dog off for the day for supervised playtime with other dogs, walks, and a daily formal training session.

Executive Training

Our Executive Training program is a three-session, one-on-one private program that will introduce you and your dog to the awesome results that you can get from low-level remote collar training. It consists of one initial 90-minute session followed by two one-hour sessions. We’ll work with your dog to teach them how to walk nicely on their leash and auto-sit, along with laying the foundation of basic obedience commands. If you are having any specific behavioral issues with your dog, we will tailor the program to work specifically on starting to correct these issues and provide you with information to continue the good work at home.


Arkansas is a state located in the south-central region of the US and is home to over three million people. Arkansas gets its name from the Osage language. It has a diverse geography including the Ouachita and Ozark mountains making up the U.S. Interior Highlands, the densely forested Arkansas Timberlands in the south, and the lowlands in the east along the Arkansas Delta and Mississippi River. Arkansas is the 29th largest of the US states. Little Rock, the capital, is located in the center of the state and is a key hub for culture, transport, business, and government. It’s home to various National Park areas including Buffalo National River, Hot Springs National Park, and Fort Smith National Historic Site.