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Indianapolis , Indiana (IN) Indianapolis provides a professional dog training service in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

At, we believe in providing top-notch and goal-oriented training to your dog. We proudly announce that our services are now available to every dog owner in Indianapolis. After hearing only good things about our professionals and their work ethic, we decided on expanding our horizons and exploring new places. Our team has designed numerous programs for you, such as in-home private training, immersion training, and group classes. We promise you that our training never gets boring and your dog will learn loads from our trainers. Also, you can rest assured because our trainers can deal with dogs of all ages, breeds, temperaments, and sizes.

Private Lessons

We recommend the Private Lessons program to anyone who wants to be a significant part of their dog’s training. This is an excellent choice for people who want to learn how cues and training work. The one-on-one experience that your dog gets from this training is priceless. They will be taught numerous things and learn at a rapid rate. We give you the option to hold these training sessions at your place or our designated training facility. Our professionals are known for the support they provide during the training and even after the training is over. So opt for this distraction-free and individually customized training for your dog right away if you want a fantastic dog.


As dog owners ourselves, we understand how it feels to want a dog without having enough time to do so. Life is short, so go get that dog you wish to because while you’re away working on your 9-5, we will take full responsibility for your dog. This way, you get to live the best of both worlds, plus your dog is not going to just laze around with us. Our trainers will actively teach your dog numerous things for eight hours a day. Your dog will receive our undivided attention, and you will love to see how they transform after the training. As this program is customized for working professionals, we have kept the pickup and drop time convenient for everyone. Our experts also came up with the idea of providing you tools at home that shall help to continue the training.

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Board & Train

Board and Train program is designed for owners who feel dissatisfied with their dogs. It’s never too late to start anew and begin your dog’s training from scratch. All you need to do is enroll them in this program, and our professional will take care of the rest. Even if your dog is impolite and aggressive, we know how to re-train these dogs after years of experience. Also, we do not use any unethical or physically harmful means to train your dog; our most excellent tool has always been love, care+support. Our training style is enjoyable, engaging, and immersive for dogs of all temperaments. If you enroll them in this program, our team will promise you a new dog who is well-behaved and ideal.

Group Classes

Group Class is an excellent training program for all our dogs who have previously been under our training or even new ones who want to join our circle. These training sessions are fun for every dog, and they get to socialize a lot, which eventually leads to forming bonds and making new friends. Our meetups are always held at places that love having dogs over, so we can practice and train without any restrictions. Not just your dog, but even you can socialize at these events and meet dog owners in your area. We recommend this to almost all of our clients because this is where they can see the fruits of our hard work.


Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana, a state in the U.S.A. The name of the city is derived from the state’s name. Since the 1900s, Indianapolis has focused on the city’s economic development. As a result, the 2000s brought the age of infrastructure in the city, where they heavily invested in large building projects. We can say that in today’s world, Indiana is the fastest developing and sorted city in the world.