Boarding & training

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: 26

Have you ever wondered what drives your dog’s behavior? Why are they so happy when we get back home? What pleasure do they find in pulling us on a leash? These and other questions must be answered in order to influence and motivate our furry friend to change its habits. This is what dog training is all about. Taking a new pet home is associated not only with the pleasure of having a companion and closer contact with nature but also with the responsibility for the animal and the need to find them a suitable place in our lives. Not everyone has enough innate skills or time to properly train a dog, and sometimes we come across a more challenging individual who needs thorough and disciplined training.


If your time is priceless...

We don’t always have enough time to arrange training sessions with our pup or travel long distances to meet with a professional. After all, it is not only attending classes and training the dog but also the time required to travel back and forth, which might be economically unjustified. Also, there are several benefits to board & train programs, such as more time focusing on problem behaviors and substantially more opportunities to train on a neutral ground. Socialization is also another factor that seems to be the advantage of stationary training, where your dog can meet a pack of trained and stable dogs and learn how to remain calm in the face of distractions.

Indeed, our dog is not an engine that can be programmed to sit on command, lie down, come when called, walk alongside your leg, retrieve or perform various tricks. The dog listens to those who can enforce certain behaviors and motivate to do the work. However, during training, your dog acquires appropriate habits, thanks to which by obtaining the proper instructions from us and transition training sessions, you will be able to apply that training to your everyday life at home.


Certain behaviors require a hefty dose of patience and systematic work with the dog to eliminate. In order to do so, your dog needs to possess a level of obedience training before moving on to more complex tasks. During our board & train program, we first focus on basic obedience so we can effectively address your further concerns and your dog’s unique training needs.


What happens during board & train process?

The Board & Train program requires a specified period of time where your dog is training while staying with us. As mentioned earlier, we begin training by implementing fundamental obedience education even if your dog already knows the basic commands. During that period, we focus on:

  • Mental stimulation and exercise
  • Teaching your dog the essential commands
  • Eliminating problem behaviors, such as:
    • Leash pulling
    • Exessive and unnecessary barking
    • Jumping on people
    • Rushing to or out of the front door
    • Charging at other animals
    • Counter surfing or stealing food and items
  • Focusing on socialization as an essential part of dog training
    • Providing socialization opportunities
    • Arranging high distractions during training

If you are ready to take your dog to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE assessment where together we can discuss behaviors you want to eliminate and all the concerns you may have regarding your dog.