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Frankfort , Illinois (IL) Frankfort provides a professional dog training service in Frankfort and surrounding areas.

Are you on the lookout for reliable dog training centers in Frankfort, Il? We have the perfect destination for you. Read this article to know more.

Private Lessons

If you want to have an integral presence during the training course, we strongly suggest you enroll in the Private class program. This will give you the chance to collaborate with our professional trainers closely as they impart their valuable lessons to you and your dog. Any unexpected issues that may arise before, during, or after the classes will be expertly handled by our staff. You can, therefore, be rest assured to have a pleasant and wholesome experience at Stayyy.

In addition, you get to choose where you want the training sessions to be conducted – enjoy them from the comfort of your home or select our exclusive training facilities. Irrespective of the location, we assure you that you can transform your canine friend into a well-groomed pet you can take anywhere you go.


Enjoy the dual benefits of private coaching and immersive lessons by leveraging our unique day camp facility. Feel free to carry on with your busy work schedule by leaving your dog in the safe hands of our pros. For the whole day, they will take care of all your dog’s training needs, including some fun activities that will shower enthusiasm and engagement in your pet.

This program is designed to be customer-friendly to the core. The training hours are flexible with options to choose the pick-up and drop timings as well. Furthermore, our trainers are seasoned in handling dogs with special needs. Leave them at our day camp, and lead a hassle-free day!

When you come back to take your buddy home, you will also receive extra goodies that will help you to maintain the excellent work our team has done during the day.

If you are among those pet parents struggling to provide foundational training for your dog who behaves too unpredictable, aggressive, or moody, then we have the ideal solution. Our Board and Train classes are an intense, individual training regimen with our certified pros. They would perform rigorous attention training mixed with spurts of fun games to liven up your dog.

Special care would be taken to get rid of any unwanted behavior they may have. Irrespective of the dog’s breed, age, or sex, our pros will handle them seamlessly. We have years of expertise in dealing with dog tantrums and issues.

Post the predetermined number of days; we will mold your pup into a disciplined member of your family.

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Board & Train

This program is for those who want to get a happy and well-behaved dog quickly. Your dog will be boarded with our professional trainer who will spend a few days with them visiting various locations and immersing them in training.

We offer a range of Board and Train programs designed for anybody from dogs who need a little help with the foundational stages of training to those who want to train their dogs to a seriously high standard. It’s a great option for helping your dog with various behavioral problems or to get your dog’s training to a great start. Your trainer will work intensively with your dog to accomplish a huge amount of training in just one week.

Group Classes

Post completion of the day camp training regimen, you and your dog will get access to our group classes across the lifetime of the canine. They will be exposed to a well-controlled and monitored socialization environment with other dogs. The owner can also interact with our trainers and other dog parents and share tips and experiences for an enriching session.

We will gradually increase the levels of distractions during the training to note your dog’s improvement. The effectiveness of these training sessions is best received if the dog is brought to a puppy phase. Peer socialization from a young age will ensure that they grow into well-groomed adult dogs. To spice things up, we will carry out these training classes in a variety of dog-friendly venues, including parks, beaches, and dog stores.


Frankfort is a village in the Illinois state of the United States. It is considered one of the fastest-growing suburban areas in the country, attracting business development and residents from all over.

Frankfort is home to some exquisite boutiques, children’s museums, classy restaurants, among several other tourist attractions. Despite the small-town setting, it is a highly preferred residential area due to the presence of a family-friendly community.