Dog Training Anthem
Anthem , Nevada (NV) Anthem provides a professional dog training service in Anthem and surrounding areas. Anthem provides professional dog training programs with something to suit every dog and owner. If your dog is displaying frustrating behaviors such as jumping on your family and guests, digging in the yard, pulling on the leash, running away on walks, barking excessively, or chewing everything, we are here to help. Whether you’ve got a puppy who needs to learn some basic manners or an older dog who’s developed bad habits, we can provide you and your dog with the best training techniques for a happy, confident, and obedient life. We know that every dog is unique, so we offer tailored training programs designed to get the best out of each individual dog.

Private Lessons

After participating in our program, you will be able to confidently:

● Stay in control of any acts of aggression
● Gain control over your dog while still showing affection towards them
● Comfortably walk your dog off-leash
● Be rewarded with immediate obedience from your dog

We can also help you learn how to quickly control any bad behaviors such as:

● Destructive behavior
● Excessive barking
● Jumping up
● Leash pulling
● Chewing and nipping
● Aggression towards dogs and people
● Toilet problems
● Separation anxiety

We’re also able to help with:

● Kennel training
● Doggy door training
● Car manners

We offer a tried-and-tested system for dog training Anthem whether you are bringing your first puppy home or are getting fed up with changing everything you do to suit your dog because they won’t listen to you. Our programs are designed to teach you how to develop an even better relationship with your dog for a life of freedom and fun together. Call us today for your free consultation to see how we can help.


If you’d like to drop your dog off for training but don’t like the idea of leaving them overnight, our Day Camp program could be ideal for you. This weekly day training program allows you to leave your dog with our professional trainers who will take your dog through a variety of locations including pet stores, vet offices, and various other places for training.

You will drop your dog off in the morning and return to collect them on the same day. When you collect your dog, your trainer will go through the day’s work and provide you with instructions on how to keep it up at home for the rest of the week. Continue your dog’s training at home and then return to day camp for the following two weeks. Lifetime follow-up private training lessons are included in this package for any further training needs.

Four- or Six-Day Training Programs:

Book four or six days of Day Training in a row to get the best results for your dog when it comes to a range of training issues such as general obedience, controlling unwanted behaviors, or working with anxiety or aggression. We can tailor this Day Training program to suit the unique needs of you and your dog and you will receive a review at the end of each day.

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Board & Train

This program is for those who want to get a happy and well-behaved dog quickly. Your dog will be boarded with our professional trainer who will spend a few days with them visiting various locations and immersing them in training.

We offer a range of Board and Train programs designed for anybody from dogs who need a little help with the foundational stages of training to those who want to train their dogs to a seriously high standard. It’s a great option for helping your dog with various behavioral problems or to get your dog’s training to a great start. Your trainer will work intensively with your dog to accomplish a huge amount of training in just one week.

Group Classes

Once your dog has completed their Day Training program, they will automatically be enrolled in our lifetime Group Classes. These classes allow you to take your dog’s training to the next level in a fun, social environment. Group Classes allow you to keep practicing the training you have already learned with your dogs while teaching them how to better behave around other dogs and people with regular socialization, which is important for a well-rounded dog.


Anthem, Arizona is a master-planned community partially located within Phoenix in Maricopa County. Anthem was developed in 1999 by Del Webb in the foothills, located approximately 34 miles north of downtown Phoenix. It has been described by Phoenix Magazine as one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in the area, and Parenting magazine described it as one of the best places to raise kids. It is well-known for year-round family sporting activities and home to an Olympic-sized pool, a community water park, and pocket parks scattered throughout the town. The 63-acre community park is popular with dog owners and offers many grassy areas along with sporting facilities.