Dog Training Carmel
Carmel , Indiana (IN) Carmel provides a professional dog training service in Carmel and surrounding areas.

If you are searching for professional dog training institutes around the Carmel region of Indiana, we have the perfect destination for you. At, we have a rich mix of experience and expertise in handling dogs of all ages, behavior, gender, and breeds. No matter what the issue you are facing with regard to your dog’s training routine, we will take care of those for you.

Private Lessons

If your objective is to get maximum involvement in the training process, we highly recommend our private lessons program. Here, you get the chance to work closely with our trainers in imparting the right set of lessons to your dog in an effective manner. You also have a say in prioritizing what skills matter most, and you can provide your suggestions in customizing the training as much as possible.

In addition, you can also select the venue of training. You can either choose the option of a home training routine or come down to our designated training facility and kickstart your dog’s path to successful upskilling. In either case, our trainers are more than equipped to take care of any unexpected hindrances that may pop up during the training sessions.


Make the most of the dual benefits of private lessons and immersive training by enrolling your dog in our day camp program. While you are getting ready for work, drop your dog in the safe and secure hands of our training staff, and we will take care of the rest. Your dog will get engaged in an array of fun games and customized training lessons for the assigned eight hours of the day. If your dog is specially-abled and needs extra attention and care, our well-trained staff have got that covered as well.

We are available on weekends too! You get to choose the pickup and drop timings as we believe in making our operations as smooth for the customer as possible. To make it even better, you and your dog will also receive some goodies at the end of the day as you come for pickup. These resources will aid you in keeping up the splendid work done during the day.

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Board & Train

Finding the time and perseverance to pursue a solid foundational training exercise for your dog with temperamental issues can be a tedious affair. We fully understand that and empathize with you.

But do not worry as we have just the perfect training option for you. Our board and train program will provide your dog with a certified dog training professional who will assess your dog’s behavior and decide on a training period. During those predetermined days, your dog will get involved in a bunch of attention enhancement lessons along with fun-filled games for physical and cognitive goodness. You can rest assured that you will take home a well-mannered and disciplined canine after completing the program.

Group Classes

Once you and your dog have finished the previous training stages, you will get exclusive access to our group classes. Here your dog will receive training and other dogs to enable an environment of peer socialization and adaptation to new surroundings.

You can also interact with other pet parents and our team of trainers to share the learnings and experiences from the training journey so far. To reinforce the lessons learned by your dog, we will switch locations to beaches, parks, and pet stores.


This is a suburban city located north of Indianapolis. Carmel is renowned for the strong feeling of community, state-of-the-art culture, and entertainment events across the region. The Clay Township and White River surround the main city at the east.

It is also known as the “Roundabout Capital of the U.S.” due to over 120 roundabouts constructed in Carmel. With over 125 corporate headquarters, Carmel also attracts the working class from neighboring suburbs due to the ever-expanding employment opportunities.