Dog Training South Bend
South Bend , Indiana (IN) South Bend provides a professional dog training service in South Bend and surrounding areas.

Are you looking for a professional, safe and reliable dog and puppies training center near the South Bend area of Indiana? Then, you have come to the right place. is the best destination that offers a curated set of training programs that includes immersive, private, and group training sessions.

Private Lessons

If you wish to have a crucial presence during the training sessions, we would strongly recommend you to select the private training program. Enrolling in this class will give you the chance to join hands with our best trainers as they provide valuable information to you and your pet. You don’t have to worry about any issues that may arise before, during, or after the classes. Our staff will professionally handle them.

Furthermore, you have the option to choose where you want the training sessions to take place. You can enjoy them from your home, or you can go to our exclusive training centers.

We can assure you that your canine friend will be transformed into a well-trained pet that could be taken to any place hassle-free.


We also provide immersive classes and private coaching in our day camp facility, where you can carry on with your work schedule by leaving your dog in the hands of our professionals and for the whole day. And we will take care of your dog’s training and basic needs along with some fun time that fills enthusiasm in them.

We have designed this program to be customer-friendly to the core. As our training hours are flexible, you have the option to choose your desired drop and pick-up timing as well. Plus, our seasoned trainers have no issues handling dogs with special needs.

When you come back to pick up your buddy home, you will also receive extra goodies that will help you to carry on the excellent work our people have done for the day.

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Board & Train

We understand that not all dogs behave the same, some are friendly, and some are not, and that’s normal. They might be unpredictable, moody, or aggressive. It is impossible to change them out of these kinds of behavior by the use of force, and doing so may worsen the situation. If you face these problems, don’t worry; we have you covered. Our Board and Train sessions are intense, individual training programs where they are given rigorous yet practical training mixed with leisure time to lighten up your dog.

Irrespective of your dog’s gender, age, or breed, our pros will handle them properly, and they’ll get rid of any unwanted behavior in time.


Obedience is one of the most important parts of dog ownership. If your dog doesn’t learn to obey you, they can cause a lot of problems—from something as small as getting into the trash to something as major as attacking another dog or biting someone. For the health, safety, and happiness of your pup, you’ll want to ensure they listen when you ask them to do things.

Our training program focuses on the basics of obedience as a foundation. From there we can study your pup and address their specific training needs.

The Training Process

Our training process is intended to not only break your dog of troublesome habits, but also reinforce positive behaviors. First and foremost, we ensure your dog knows all of the basic commands they need to succeed…and we drill those commands. Even if your dog comes in knowing some of the basics, we still train these commands to ensure they listen each and every time.

Some other things we focus on include:

· Mental stimulation
· Exercise
· Socialization
· Breaking bad habits

Our training program addresses certain behaviors your dog should not engage in head on. Some of the negative habits we address include:

· Leash pulling
· Jumping on people
· Excessive barking
· Rushing in or out of the door
· Charging at other animals
· Stealing food from other animals
· Eating off the counter

Another major point of focus for our training is socialization. It is extremely important that your pup knows how to behave around other dogs for their safety and the safety of other dogs. We allow for tons of opportunities for dogs to socialize and learn the importance of being part of a pack.

What to Know About Dog Boarding

If you are going out of town or you otherwise are unavailable to take care of your dog, boarding can be a great option. While you may be nervous about your dog being in an unfamiliar place, there’s no need to be! Our boarding program is designed to keep your dog happy and occupied. We provide your pup with tons of opportunities to run around, play, and socialize with other dogs.

At our boarding facilities we focus on daily walks. We make sure that your dog has a chance to stretch their legs, sniff around, and go potty. We also don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to walks, so all of the walks we take our furry guests on are tailored to their specific needs.

In order to board your pup, we’ll need current vaccination records and written proof of DHLPP and Bordetella before check-in. If your pup is over four months old, we’ll also need rabies vaccination records. This is for the protection of our staff and our other furry guests.

When you are preparing for your pet’s vacation, consider these things:

· Your dog’s favorite food and treats
· A feeding schedule
· Your pup’s favorite toys and blankets
· Bedding
· Kennel crate (if properly trained)

We look forward to meeting your pup and hosting them in our fun doggy hotel!

Group Classes

After the training, you and your dog can access our group sessions, and they’ll be exposed to a controlled and well-monitored environment where they can socialize with other dogs. During this session, we will gradually increase the levels of distractions to watch and note your dog’s improvement. Socializing from a young age will really help to ensure that your dog grows into a friendly and well-trained dog.

Also, we carry out these types of training sessions in various parks, beaches, and dog-friendly venues. We believe that making your dog interact with the external environment will show significant development in their character instead of confining them within the four corners of a room.


South Bend is a city in St. Joseph County, Indiana, near its southernmost bend, from which it derives its name. South Bend is a must-visit travel destination, a beautiful place consisting of parks and fantastic architecture, both modern and traditional, and it is one of the fastest-growing cities.

In the city center, the Studebaker National Museum displays classic cars made by the now-defunct local company. This city is home to the East Race Waterway, famous for boating and watersports events. South Bend is a city known for education, health care, manufacturing, and several fine dining restaurants.