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Clarendon Hills , Illinois (IL) Clarendon Hills provides a professional dog training service in Clarendon Hills and surrounding areas.

To bring home a pet is one thing, but to train them yourself is a whole different story. Training a dog needs a lot of patience, practice, and, most importantly, time. It is understandable that most dog owners can’t afford to spend days training their pets as they have their own working hours to log in.

But the people of Clarendon Hills must not worry! We at have made a team of expert dog trainers who have the experience and expertise that one must possess when dealing with different kinds of dogs.

We offered different kinds of training programs so you can choose one that suits the best to you and your dog’s needs!

Private Lessons

Our program of private lessons is a popular one. It allows you to stay close to your dog while not being challenged every step of the way in training. These are one on one sessions where the trainer works with your pet, and you witness the whole process first hand.

We highly recommend these sessions because the training period for the dog is a transformational one. Since a lot of changes are happening in the pet, having the owner around creates a bond of trust between the two. The owner also gets to learn methods we use while training which they themselves may choose to execute at home.


For a lot of our dog owners, day camp is a blessing. We came up with the idea to help working dog parents. Day camp, as the name clearly suggests, is a day of training for your dog.

We pick up your pet before and drop them off after the training. This program suits those who want to train their pets but don’t have the time for it during the day. However, they also want to spend some quality time with their buddies.

The day camp allows you to do both and worry about nothing. Take a day off, immerse yourself in work or simply chill at the beach. Do it all without guilt, for we will be at work with your dear pet.

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Board & Train

The program of boarding and training is advised and promoted for dogs that need more attention and support than other dogs. It may be due to aggression, discipline troubles, or something else.

Generally, our regular training sessions are more than enough for pets. Sometimes, however, we may need to take an extra step and bring them to stay with us.

In this program, the number of days that the pet will stay with us is pre-decided. Once they come to us, we look after their diet, exercise, rest, and playtime too. All the while, training goes on.

The boarding allows us to pay more attention and dedicate more effort towards the pet. This is an extensive training program and more demanding than the other courses mentioned.

Group Classes

Our group classes have been popular amongst our dog owners for a long time now. This social training space is friendly, free, and non-judgmental. Every dog in this program is allowed to access it only after completing at least one training program with us.

This ensures that these classes are always mess-free and create no trouble for the dogs and their humans.

The group classes are filled with fun activities and a lot of socializing for both your dog and you. This is a very good place to find fellow dog owners and companions that are on the same journey as you!


Clarendon Hills is a small village in DuPage County, Illinois. Its population was a mere 8,716 in 2019, and some refer to it as the best place to be in Illinois. With its family-friendly neighborhoods and reportedly quite safe environment, it attracts families and tourists that are looking for a weekend off or a break from city life.

The remote village is clean, spacious, and far from noise and stressors. A great place to visit if you’re looking for some peace and quiet.