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Buffalo Grove , Illinois (IL) Buffalo Grove provides a professional dog training service in Buffalo Grove and surrounding areas.

Dog training needs skill, talent, practice, and expertise. All of which we are proud to offer in our team of dog trainers. Find the best pair of hands to train your dog in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, only on

An intimate experience like dog training should not be taken lightly. How your dog is trained is how your dog will behave for the rest of its life. With our professionals, we ensure safety and good care of your pet, for we know how much you love your little baby. Your dog’s training needs may be different, but the solution is us. We offer all kinds of training programs and assure the best results.

If you are looking for a more personal training program or a group training session, a one-time lesson, or a long one with commitment, we are here to help you find just the right choice for you.

Private Lessons

Training your dog is no joke and needing experts to help you is absolutely normal. In our private lessons with your dog, we do just that. We help you without taking over in your absence. So you can still experience the different stages of training and witness your pet’s transformational journey.

Don’t worry about it. We do all the hard work, and you get the time to bond with your furry friend. We recommend at least one private lesson with your dog as it promotes a healthier relationship between you and your pet.


Day camp is a training program that, as the name suggests, is only a day long. We offer pick-up as well as drop-off services for your pet. If you are someone who is working or can’t manage working hours but also need to train your pet, this program may suit you the best. We will take over your pet’s responsibilities at the start of the day and hand them over by night.

For dog owners that don’t want to be too late to train their pet but also can’t spend time on the training, the day camp offers a balance of both. We train your pet when you are busy, and when you are free, you can enjoy the time together with your dog without any guilt.

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Board & Train

The boarding and training program is extensive and more demanding than the regular lessons. We decide on how long your pet will stay with us. During their stay, we take care of their food, activity, sleep, and playtime, all the while training them. This program allows us to dedicate more time and effort to your pet since they spend all hours of the day with us.

In most cases, our other programs work sufficiently and show results in the dogs. If we find that a pet needs more care and training with special attention, we suggest you enroll them in this course.

Group Classes

Our social pets need company too. And our group classes are the best place to find buddies for them. Once your pet completes a training program with us, you have access to our group classes. Since all the members are dogs that have undergone at least one training session, the playtime is clean and with no fuss.

We recommend our group classes to all dog owners as they allow your dog to meet new people and work on the training in a more natural setting. As a dog owner, you also get to meet more people like yourself and witness how your dog does in public after being trained.


Officially known as the Village of Buffalo Grove, this village is 30 miles from the city of Chicago. The village aces in the recreational sphere with parks and festivals. The farmer’s market is a month-long fest that Buffalo Grove witnesses every year. The Raupp Museum tells the village’s story, and its libraries are some of the best buildings in the area. The Buffalo Grove Park District and the Willow Stream Park are two of the most social spots in the area.