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Aurora , Illinois (IL) Aurora provides a professional dog training service in Aurora and surrounding areas. is committed to offering professional dog training services. We use the best and most effective dog training methods available while providing a safe environment for dogs and humans. Our trainers have years of experience and work with dogs of any age, breed, temperament, or size. If you’re looking for reliable service, you’ve come to the right place!

Private Lessons

Dog owners who want to be actively involved in their dog’s training sessions should undoubtedly go for our Private Lessons program. During the session, not only your dog but also you will learn new tricks and methods that help in training a dog. We can set a definite goal for your dog and teach them the things you want them to know or go according to our pace. These training sessions can be held at our designated training facility or your home. Our professionals are ready to help you out with any issues that you might face during the training or even after it is over.


It is hard to maintain a work-life balance; if you want to live your life to the fullest, you need to automate a few things. This will allow you to focus on your career as you continue to experience the best bits that life has to offer. Having a dog is no less than a blessing, but taking care of one is hectic. However, we are ready to take care of your dog for eight hours a day, where we teach them new things and train your dog to do better. The program is open seven days a week with flexible pick-up and drops timings. Our team will also provide you with resources to ensure that the training doesn’t come to a halt when we are away! Day Camp is a great learning and immersive training experience for most dogs, you can easily see an improvement in their attention span and response levels.

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Board & Train

Training is important for all dogs in the earlier stages, preferably when they are just puppies. If the owner fails to train them at the right time, your dog can become ill-mannered and aggressive. It is hard to have people over when you share a space with such dogs, and even living in your own house can become troublesome at times. It is never too late to start, though, because our trainers can easily take care of the issue for you and transform your spoiled dog into the most pleasant one. All you have to do is leave them with us for a certain number of days, and then our professionals shall take care of the rest. Enroll your dog in the Board and Train program if you have a dog that is difficult to handle, and we promise to take care of all the problems by ethical means.

Group Classes

Once these programs are complete, you will need a place to test if the training is actually working or not, and what better place to try than an area filled with dogs? Our Group Classes are an essential step in every dog’s training. We organize these classes in dog-friendly places where other dog owners can meet and learn from each other. This is an excellent opportunity for your dog to socialize and make some new friends. We assure you that the environment is completely safe and controlled for all dogs, so you can have fun and relax.


Aurora is the place where people come to live their ‘American Dream’; it has also been ranked number one by the country for the same reason. The city of Aurora has a population of 200,456, and it is the second-largest city in Illinois. This was the first place to have street lights in America, and therefore it is known as the “City Of Lights”. If you ever get to visit Aurora, do not forget to have a glimpse of the beautiful architecture built by George Grant Elmslie, Bruce Goff, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Llyod Wright.