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Albuquerque , New Mexico (NM) Albuquerque provides a professional dog training service in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. dog training Albuquerque provides professional puppy and dog training in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Los Lunas, Rio Rancho, and surrounding New Mexico areas. If your relationship with your dog is becoming more frustrating than happy and exciting, we’re here to help. dog training Albuquerque aims to help families develop lifelong happy relationships with their dogs. We offer a range of training programs in your home or at our training facilities, including dog and puppy obedience training, off-leash control, and rehabilitating aggressive dogs. Check out what we offer below and get in touch today for your free consultation.

Private Lessons

Our private lessons are designed for those who want to be directly involved and take some personal responsibility for their dog’s training. This option allows you to meet with your professional trainer for a weekly one-to-one session which can be held in a location of your choosing such as your home or the local park.

You will work together with the trainer who will teach you how to continue your dog’s training successfully at home and how to specifically work on anything that’s important to you. We customize all our lessons to ensure that you’re able to meet your unique goals for your dog. This is a technique known as ‘lifestyle training’ where we work with you to incorporate your dog’s training into your daily life.


Our Day Train program is the ideal choice for the dog owner who does not want to leave their dog with us for a week or more but doesn’t have the time to commit to private lessons. This program runs for one day a week over four weeks, where your dog will enjoy a day full of private dog training Albuquerque with one of our professional trainers. It’s the perfect alternative to a standard Doggy Daycare where your dog can play and have fun along with learning some essential life skills. Once you come to collect your dog in the evening, you’ll get a private lesson with your trainer who’ll go through everything your dog learned during the day and provide guidance for continuing at home. You’ll also get three years of follow-up lessons and a year of unlimited group classes for you and your dog.

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Board & Train

Our Board and Train program is available for seven, fifteen, or twenty days depending on the needs and requirements for you and your dog. During the Board and Train period, your dog will come to stay with us at our training facility where our trainers can really get to know them and work on any goals and issues that you might have with your dog. Your dog will be immersed in training on a daily basis with their trainer where they’ll be learning all the basic obedience commands, learning various social skills and manners, and working around a variety of distractions on public outings to a variety of different settings. During the program, your dog will learn how to wait by the door, come on command, sit and down both next to you and at a distance, be quiet on command, place, heel, travel nicely in the car, respect boundaries, and get off the furniture. We’ll also work on teaching your dog not to jump, chew, bite, dig, and any other problems you’ve been having. At the end of the program, you’ll be provided with information on how to continue the good work with private lessons, group classes, and instructions for practicing at home.

Ultimate Program

The Ultimate program offers three initial private lessons for you and your dog, where our trainer will get to know you both and provide you with the information and skills that you need to offer your dog the best training from home. After completing your three private lessons, you’ll move on to Group Classes, which are a fun social environment where you and your dog can put your new skills to the test in an environment with more distractions, particularly other dogs. You’ll get six months of group classes and a further six months of follow-up lessons.


Albuquerque is the most populous city in the US state of New Mexico. The city is often referred to as Burque or The Duke City. The Sandia Mountains are on the eastern side of Albuquerque and the Rio Grande flows through the center of the city. In the western part of the city, you can find the Petroglyph National Monument and the West Mesa. Albuquerque has one of the highest elevations of all major US cities at over 6,700ft in the foothill areas of Sandia Heights and Glenwood Hills. This city is the founding location of Microsoft and MITS, and Netlfix has a main production hub at Albuquerque Studios. The city has almost three hundred public parks spanning over 40 square miles and around 80% of residents live within walking distance of a park, making it an excellent city for dog owners.