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Grand Rapids , Michigan (MI) Grand Rapids provides a professional dog training service in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.

Welcome to the one-stop destination for professional puppy and dog training – If you are a resident of Grand Rapids, Michigan looking to impart proper training to your dog, look no more. At Stayyy, we offer a variety of programs, including immersion training, private classes at home, and group classes.

We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who are willing to help your dog, irrespective of their age, gender, or temperament, at all times.

Private Lessons

If you wish to actively participate in your dog’s training program right from the initial phase, the private lessons program is the ideal choice for you. It presents the golden opportunity for you to understand the lessons to be taught to your pet from our trainers and gain valuable insights. Any unexpected problems that may crop up before, during, or after the lesson will be expertly dealt with. Our staff will take care of that in a seamless manner.

In addition, you also have the added flexibility to choose the venue of the classes. You can either opt for the comfort of your home or our best-in-class designated training facility to impart skills to your dog.


We present our exclusive day camp training program that provides the dual benefits of personal lessons and immersive training. On your way to work in the morning, drop in at our training center and let our experts take care of the rest as you go about your day. We will engage your dog in an array of fun and immersive activities and games that will help them grasp the training lessons faster for the designated eight hours.

If your buddy requires any special attention, our staff will take care of that for them. We believe in a customer-centric model providing you several convenient options. You get to choose the drop and pick up timing and our day camp program is at your service for seven days of the week. To top it off, we will also equip you with a goodie bag of resources as you come back to pick your dog. These items will help to keep up the excellent work done during the day.

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Board & Train

Are you having trouble finding time to provide a foundational level training program for your dog with behavioral issues? If your dog behaves aggressively or skittish regularly, a one-on-one training routine with our certified expert can be the game-changer for them.

For the predetermined period, our trainer will impart a combination of attention improvement activities along with fun games that will transform your dog into a well-groomed and disciplined addition to your home.

Group Classes

Once your dog has successfully completed the previous training lessons, you will gain access to our group classes program for the dog’s lifetime. Here, they will be trained in a safe and controlled environment with our fellow dogs. This will open the gates to peer socialization and help them apply the training lessons learned in a place where there are more distractions.

As a pet parent, you can also benefit from these sessions as you can interact with our trainers and other dog owners to know about their experiences and learnings that can help everyone in the long run.

To improve your dog’s adaptability to new environments, we switch the training venue occasionally to other dog-friendly locales such as beaches, parks, and pet stores.


Situated approximately 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in the state of Michigan. It is a fast-growing city known for being a central hub in terms of economy and culture.

It is a prime center for the manufacturing sector and hosts multiple world-class furniture companies. The city and the surrounding regions are home to diverse industries like healthcare, automotive and aviation, IT corporations, etc.

Grand Rapids is also known for its enjoyment and recreational activities. It is famous for breweries and is also known as the “Beer City.”