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Arlington Heights , Illinois (IL) Arlington Heights provides a professional dog training service in Arlington Heights and surrounding areas.

Are you searching for a professional and reliable dog training center near the Arlington Heights area of Illinois? You have arrived at the right place. is the perfect place for you to choose training sessions for your dog! Our services range from in-home private training, immersive classes, and group training sessions.

All of our trainers and staff have abundant experience and the necessary know-how to handle and take care of dogs. Irrespective of your dog’s breed, age, or gender, our trainers will help you throughout training with no issues.

Private Lessons

If you wish to get involved in your dog’s training course, we’d suggest our private training program, where you’ll be having the opportunity to work together with the trainers in training your dog. Our staff will always be there to solve any problems that may arise, even before, during, or after the training.

You also have the option to choose where you’d like to conduct these training classes, and we can do this at the comfort of your home or our advanced training facility.


Here, we also offer you a unique training program that includes immersive and private training sessions. If you are someone who’s not able to take care of your dog due to a busy schedule, don’t worry; drop your buddy at the training center, and our pros will take care of all of their needs.

If you have a specially-abled dog with particular needs, we’ll take care of that too. You’ll have nothing to worry about. Our staff will keep your dog active and engaged with many fun activities and training sessions.

These services are available to you seven days a week. We’ll also provide some goodies that you can take home to keep you and your buddy happy.

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Board & Train

We are well aware of the fact that all dogs are not the same. If your dog seems aggressive or harsh towards others, the best way to change this behavior is to start an intense, one-on-one form of training. We cannot obtain desired results if we use force to change their attitude towards others.

Even though the course is intense, we assure you that we will not use force or unwanted pressure on your dog to do any task. Once you have joined, our trainers will begin with attention-improving classes that include outdoor activities and socialization.

This session will be very beneficial in changing their behavior. We will transform your dog into a well-trained and well-groomed canine buddy by the end of this session.

Group Classes

You and your dog can join our Group Training program once the initial day camp training has been completed. Here, your dog will be meeting other fellow dogs. All of these sessions shall take place in a well-monitored, controlled environment.

During the course of training, we will gradually increase distractions to watch and study how your dog reacts in a particular situation. Based on the analysis, we will make necessary changes in the training routine to ensure that your dog gets effective training.

We believe that we can develop your dog’s character when they come face to face with external environmental factors instead of putting them in the four corners of a room. We make sure to put these classes in various dog-friendly parks, beaches, and other venues to roam freely.

As a dog owner, you can also make the best use of this session. You’ll be meeting other fellow dog owners where you can learn from their experiences, and you can share some of yours too.


Arlington Heights is a village/municipality in the Lake and Cook Counties in the state of Illinois. It lies about 25 miles northwest of downtown. This municipality has seen a recent growth in developing restaurants, condos, and other businesses in the Central Districts. You’ll be happy to visit here as you’ll find many fine-dining restaurants and other eateries.

The main tourist attractions in this city are Lake Arlington, Mitsuwa marketplace, and City Park District. Arlington Heights is also home to various entertainment venues, including Metropolis Performing Arts Center.