Dog Training Wyoming
Wyoming , (WY) Wyoming provides a professional dog training service in Wyoming and surrounding areas.

At dog training Wyoming, we provide a range of dog training programs designed to fit you and your lifestyle. We are able to train any dog, any breed, and any age and are happy to take on any challenge that you might be facing with your pet. We offer off-leash training, training for aggressive behaviors, puppy classes, and more.

Private Lessons

If you want a hands-on approach to training your dog, our Customized Private Lessons will be ideal for you. Firstly, we invite you for a consultation where our professional trainer can meet you, your family, and your dog before putting together a tailored plan to help you train your dog at home and meet your unique goals. During your private lessons, you will get the chance to work one-on-one with our professional trainers and come up with training techniques designed to suit your dog’s personality. We will work on any specific issues that you have been experiencing.


Our Basic Manners Class is open to every dog and we encourage all dogs to attend. We recommend this exceptional program if you are looking for a jumpstart to obedience training with your dog. During this program, we use a combination of fun plus love and affection to encourage your dog to focus and pay attention to you and your family.

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Day and Trains

If you have a busy schedule and would rather a professional do all the hard work for you, our Day & Train program could be an ideal option for you and your dog. You’ll drop your dog off with our trainers at our dog training Wyoming facility where they’ll stay all day while you’re at work. Throughout the day, your pooch will be socializing with humans and other dogs, playing, exercising, and training, learning a wide range of commands in a variety of different situations. Once you collect your dog at the end of the day, we’ll conduct a lesson so that we can show you what they’ve been learning all day and how to keep up their training at home.

Stay and Train

Our Stay and Train program is the ideal choice for anybody who wants a transformed dog as quickly as possible. Whether you simply want to turn your dog into a master of obedience or are dealing with issues like aggression that may benefit from some intensive training, leave your dog with us for a Stay and Train and see the difference when you collect them. Our Stay and Train programs last for seven, fourteen, or twenty-one days depending on your dog’s needs and training goals. This makes it an ideal option for the dog owner with a busy lifestyle who does not have a lot of time for training at home, and you can also use it as an alternative to a traditional boarding kennel if you are planning a vacation in the future. Your dog will be at school for four to six hours per day, and they’ll get plenty of downtime to play and have fun in between classes. Our trainers will take your dog through their paces every day, teaching a wide range of obedience skills, working in a variety of settings to train your dog to focus around distractions, and working on any specific problems that you’ve been having.


Wyoming is a landlocked state located in the western US. It is the least densely populated state of the contiguous US with a population of 578,759 and is bordered by South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Montana, and Colorado. The capital city of the state is Cheyenne. The western half of Wyoming is covered mostly by the ranges of the Rocky Mountains, while on the eastern part of the state is the High Plains, a high-elevation prairie. The state is home to two National Parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Grand Teton National Park is home to the Grand Teton, the second-highest peak in Wyoming. There are several national forests and historic sites. Wyoming tends to have a windier, drier climate compared to most of the US, with greater temperature extremes. Several rivers flow throughout the state including the Snake River, the Yellowstone River, Green River, and Bighorn River.