Dog Training Detroit
Detroit , Michigan (MI) Detroit provides a professional dog training service in Detroit and surrounding areas. brings to you the most professional training experience for your dog all across Detroit. We are proud to announce that our wide variety of services is available to dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages, and temperaments. Enroll them now for either in-home private training, group classes, or immersion training. Our professionals are here to help you with anything and everything!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best option for people who wish to be a part of their dog’s training and learn from the trainer. We can say that not just your dog, but even you will benefit from this training program. Understanding the critical tactics and processes that professionals use to train a dog will go a long way. We can carry out this training from the comfort of your home or our training facility. At the end of the program, we promise that your dog will be the most reliable and fun pet you will ever have. Thanks to our professionals who are experts at controlling and transforming every dog.


We understand the dilemma of the people who love dogs but do not have enough time to train and look after them. Our Day Camp program is designed for these people because they can leave their dogs under our supervision while they go on with their daily work. This service is available for eight hours, seven days a week. We make sure that your dog has a good time; our trainers engage them in fun and immersive activities, enhancing their level of attentiveness. You can also let us know of any specific problems you are facing with your dog at home, and we promise to fix those as well. Flexible pick-up and drop services are available for everyone, so there’s nothing to lose for you. In addition to that, you also get all the essential tools that will help you keep up with the training.

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Board & Train

Is work distracting you from taking care of your dog and teaching them important lessons? Perhaps your dog has become ill-mannered, anxious, aggressive, and annoying. This scenario can be one of your worst nightmares as a dog owner, but it is never too late! Our Board and Train program is designed for dogs who are explicitly facing these issues. All you need to do is leave your dog with us for a predetermined number of days, and once we train them, you will have a completely new dog! If that excited you, then go ahead and enroll your dog in this program; results are guaranteed.

Group Classes

Group Classes is one of our most sorted programs, where dogs of all our clients join us to have a good time in a fun and safe environment. This can be a great unwinding and therapeutic session for all the owners as well. Also, this is where you can see our training come alive and test your dog in a social place. This is an excellent opportunity to socialize for you and your dog; imagine meeting owners of so many dogs in Detroit and sharing valuable bits of information. Now, one can never put a price on such experiences! Our professionals believe in establishing long-term relationships, so even after your dog’s training program ends, you won’t be on your own.


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