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Inverness , Illinois (IL) Inverness provides a professional dog training service in Inverness and surrounding areas.

At, we value creating lasting bonds between dog owners and their pets. We want you to have the best training and instruction experience possible when you work with our trainers and we make sure that we have instructors on hand for any breed or age of the dog. We know our stuff and we want to be sure that we share our passion for dog training with our clients. Creating lasting bonds between our clients and their dogs is a matter of pride for us and we love the work that we do on a daily basis to make this possible.

Private Lessons

If you want to have some one-on-one time with an instructor to work on difficult skills or to handle a dog that is not ready to be distracted during the training process, a private lesson is the right answer for your needs. Our instructors can meet up with you and work on skills in private lessons that will make the most of your time working with your pet. You will never have to worry about getting the attention that you need when training your pet when you plan a private lesson. Private lessons are perfect for dogs who need a little extra attention to detail before they can join group classes and other activities with more distractions.


Day camps allow you to drop your dog off while you are at work or away on a trip and a trainer will spend an entire day working with your pet on skills that need to be developed. Sometimes having focused time with a trainer is the perfect way to cement new skills, and your canine friend can be exposed to new things and other dogs while being guided by an expert in the training process. This can be the perfect way to establish new skills without causing stress between you and your pet. The added benefit to using this lesson style is that your dog will be exposed to a lot of new experiences under the guidance of a skilled trainer.

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Board & Train

If you need to be gone for an extended period or you think that your dog needs to have some help getting behavioral issues sorted out, you can drop your canine friend off for a board & train experience. These extended programs allow your dog to stay in one of our facilities for an immersive training experience that can extend for many days. This can help with separation anxiety, training concerns, and issues that are related to being away from home. A dog who needs extra socialization will benefit from this immersion program and you will find that some skills are just easier to teach to your pet without distractions.

Group Classes

Group classes train your dog to behave even when they are out in public, and you can work on many skills with a group at these lessons. Meet up in a public location with other dog owners who are working on training their pets and learn together. Your dogs will get great socialization opportunities as well as work on training while distracted by their new surroundings. These classes are hosted in parks and other public places and might also be held in dog-friendly business locations. You will love the chance to socialize your dog while meeting other dog owners in your local area.


Inverness is in Cook County, Illinois. This city was established in 1836 and has long been known for its beauty, along with its delightful balance of pastoral beauty and chic, delightful shopping, and dining. There is no shortage of reasons to live in this pretty village, and you will love everything about this location as soon as you visit.

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