Dog Boarding

Aaron Rice Expert Dog Trainer
Written: 29

If you’re worried about leaving your dog in an unfamiliar place while going away, you may stop stressing now! Our Dog Boarding program is designed for our former and current customers to keep their beloved pets occupied and engaged while they’re gone. We don’t just keep your dog alive - we go above and beyond your typical dog boarding to ensure they, and you, get the maximum out of the experience. Going over training essentials and continuing working on the problem behaviors are just part of what we offer. Your dog will advance their knowledge of commands and obedience as well as enhance their socialization skills with our trained pack, providing field trips, mental challenges, and educational opportunities.

Daily Walks

Each of our furry guests is provided with the right amount of movement in places where they will have fun and socialize in a proper way or simply spend time peacefully. The type of walk is tailored to the individual needs of each of our guests. In addition to trips, our pupils have a three-acre land at their disposal, where they can maintain their activity and energy levels.


The Dog’s Suitcase - What Should I Bring?

In order for our facility to board your dog, we require all current vaccinations and written proof of DHLPP and Bordatella before or during check-in. If your beloved pup is over four months old, we require rabies vaccination. We take all safety measures seriously to protect our staff and dogs, other guests, and your pet.

Other optional things to pack for your dog’s vacation include:

  • Mental stimulation and exercise
  • Teaching your dog the essential commands
  • Eliminating problem behaviors, such as:
    • Your dog’s food and treats for the entire stay
    • Feeding schedule, if any
    • Favorite toys and blankets
    • Kennel crate if properly trained
    • Bedding

If you are ready to take your dog to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us for a FREE assessment where together we can discuss behaviors you want to eliminate and all the concerns you may have regarding your dog.