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Winnetka , Illinois (IL) Winnetka provides a professional dog training service in Winnetka and surrounding areas. is among the top trusted names when it comes to professional puppy and dog training centers around the region of Winnetka, Illinois. Our comprehensive set of training programs include home-based private lessons, group classes, and immersion training to boost your dog’s cognitive abilities. Our highly talented and skilled pool of experts is more than capable of handling your canine irrespective of age, gender, and temperament. Think no more; Stayyy has got your back!

Private Lessons

We recommend our private lessons program if you wish to attain maximum participation in your dog’s training regimen. You will get the golden opportunity to work side-by-side with our professional trainer in deciding and implementing the customized lessons curated for your pet.

You are also provided the freedom to choose the venue of the training classes. You can either select your familiar ground, i.e., home-based training. Alternatively, you choose our designated top-notch training centers where we would impart the training lessons to your buddy.

Our staff will take care of any unexpected issues that arise before, after, or during the sessions.


Enjoy the effective combination of private training and immersion lessons at our day camp offering. All you need to do is drop your dog at our facility on your way to work and leave the rest to us. Our seasoned trainers will engage them in fun training circuits mixed with outdoor games for the allotted eight hours in various environments. If your buddy is specially-abled and requires extra attention, our staff has got that covered too. We will tailor the day camp activities that are suited to your dog’s goals and needs.

We offer flexible pick-up and drop times to make it even more attractive, and this facility is at your disposal for seven days of the week. To top it off, we will provide you with a goodie kit that includes useful resources that you can take home. It will enable you to continue the excellent work that was initiated during the day.

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Board & Train

You may find it hard to provide foundational training lessons to your dog if they suffer from anxiety, aggressiveness, or other behavioral disorders. Not to worry, as we have the perfect training plan for your friend. The Board & Train program is where our certified professional will take expert care of your dog. They will undergo a rigorous regime of attention-enhancing exercises along with cognitive puzzles for a predetermined period. At the end of this course, you can rest assured that your buddy will be well behaved and a disciplined addition to your family.

Group Classes

After you have successfully surpassed the previous training lessons, you and your dog will gain access to our group class offering. Throughout the lifetime of your dog, you will have access to a safe and controlled social setting to practice the lessons learned. There will be complete support from our team of trainers and the pet parents of other dogs in our academy.

You can leverage this opportunity to learn from them and share your experiences with other dog owners. Your dog also gets an increased number of chances to socialize with their peers and implement the training lessons in a setting that involves more distraction.

We will also conduct such sessions in different dog-friendly locales such as parks, beaches, and pet stores. This will help mold them into obedient and adaptive pets.


Located along the northern shore of Lake Michigan, the village of Winnetka is famous for its sandy beaches, tree-lined streets, recreation facilities, and religious centers. Founded in 1869, this village was named Winnetka, which in the native American language means “beautiful land.” During Autumn, the location is a beauty to behold, with the foliage transforming it into a photographer’s paradise.

The natural scenery, along with a well-planned semi-urban setup, makes this village the ideal destination for families, business, and employment opportunities. Strategically located near Chicago, the rush of the metro rails characterizes the office hours. It is also home to numerous educational institutions and places of religious worship. The Winnetka-Northfield public library is a preferred destination for students and other academicians alike.