Dog Training Kansas City
Kansas City , Missouri (MO) Kansas City provides a professional dog training service in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

At dog training Kansas, we have trained over seven thousand dogs and puppies. We have experienced and professional dog trainers who can train your dog in our facility or in the convenience of your own home, and a range of dog training programs with something to suit everybody’s lifestyle and unique needs. We are happy to work with any dog, any size, any breed, any temperament, and any problem. Whether you’re looking to teach your dog some basic obedience commands or want to nip a serious aggression problem in the bud, we’re here to help. The first thing we’ll do is offer a free home demo so that we can meet your dog and you can meet us. Get in touch for your free consultation today.

High-Level Obedience

Aside from showing your dog how to behave well, we also provide obedience training from the comfort of your own home. Whether you have a new puppy or an unruly dog who needs to learn some basic commands like sit, come, stay, place, heel, waiting at the door, and walking nicely on the leash or want to teach your well-trained dog some more advanced obedience commands, our trainers are happy to help you with all your dog training needs from the comfort of your own home.

Great Manners:

We can teach your dog how to be more polite and well-behaved everywhere with our Great Manners training. We’ll come to your home to train your dog in an environment that they are used to, while you watch and learn from our experienced trainers. Then, we’ll pass the reins over to you and offer guidance and support as we provide you with the tools you need to continue your dog’s training in between sessions.

Super Fine Tuned:

Once your dog has completed one of our training programs, they can join our Super Fine Tuned program, which is designed to improve on what your dog has learned even further. We offer a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and can tailor the program to work on certain aspects of your dog’s behavior or training that you would like us to focus on more.

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Private and Group Training

Our Private Training program is the ideal choice for a hands-on dog owner who wants to be directly involved with training their pet. Our experienced trainers will visit you at your home where they’ll take more of a back seat to the training; instead, they will be providing you with information, skills, tools, and support to help you become a pro at training your dog yourself. The trainer will be able to provide you with hints, tips, and pointers in the right direction as they get to know you and your dog and put together a training plan that works well for both of you. At the end of each session, they’ll give you and your dog some homework to do so that you’ve got plenty of chance to practice in between lessons. Once your dog has completed private lessons, you’ll be welcome at our Group Classes, where you can practice your skills even further in a more distracting environment and socialize with other dogs and people.

Jump Start and Boot Camp

With this program, your dog comes to stay with one of our professional trainers for one or two weeks. During their stay, they will be immersed fully in a fun and interactive program where the trainer will go through all the basic obedience skills, teach them to respect boundaries, and show your dog essential skills like car manners and how to stay in control around distractions. Your dog will have plenty of fun, exercise, and go on lots of field trips to practice their new skills in a variety of different situations and settings. Once you collect your dog, you’ll be provided with further information on continuing their training from home, and you’ll get two private follow-up lessons at home. You’ll also benefit from unlimited lifetime Group Classes that you are free to attend at any time.


Kansas is a Midwestern US state. It is bordered by Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, and Nebraska. The state gets its name from the Kansa Native Americans, who lived along the bank of the Kansas River. It was first settled by Americans in 1827 when Fort Leavenworth was established. Kansas has long been one of the most productive agricultural states in the US. It is home to a wide range of historic sites and National Parks including Oregon National Historic Trail, California National Historic Trail, Fort Scott National Historic Site, Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve near Strong City, Pony Express National Historic Trail, and Santa Fe National Historic Trail. According to the US Census Bureau, the state has a population of 2,913,314.