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Valparaiso , Indiana (IN) Valparaiso provides a professional dog training service in Valparaiso and surrounding areas.

At, we care about helping dog owners to create lasting bonds with their canine companions. Our skilled trainers can work with you in private lessons, groups or even take your canine friend for a few days of intense work on specific skills. We offer training for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs. No matter how much dog training experience you have, we can help you to work with your canine friend in a fun setting!

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be the perfect fit if you want to have some extra attention from our trainers or if your dog struggles to focus in groups. Our instructors can work with you and your dog on issues related to trust, recall, and much more! You will find that this private environment can really help to build trust between you and your dog and prepare you to work as a team on other new skills down the road. Being able to have the full attention of your trainer can be a big help if you have a challenging skill to work on or if your dog is new to you and your home.


Day camp work can be a great way to make sure that your dog gets a lot of practice on skills that need some work. Your dog will spend the day with a trainer who will practice all of the skills that require some extra attention. You can use our pick-up and drop-off services to make this easy for you and your dog. Our trainers will make sure that your dog is exposed to lots of new environments and challenges with the guidance of our skilled team. Day camps are an excellent way for your dog to have a beneficial experience while you are away working or on a trip. It can be really nice to have the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is in good hands while you are away.

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Board & Train

If you are finding that you are too busy to work on skills consistently, or if you need to head out on a trip and are worried about your dog’s training being set back, you can sign your canine up for our board & train program. Just leave your dog with us while you are gone for a few days, and we will work on their skills to create a consistent base of training that can be added to later when you are back home. Consistency can make all the difference with regards to behavioral issues, and our team can help you and your dog to benefit from our training plans over the long haul.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to meet other dog owners in your local area and to see if your hard work is paying off. Group classes challenge dogs to spend time with other animals and to work on skills in a distracting environment. We schedule these classes in public locations like parks or dog-friendly stores, and your canine friend will be able to work on many skills in this new environment. This can be a great way to socialize a puppy as well or an older dog that has not been around many other dogs.


Valparaiso, Indiana, is the home of Valparaiso University and is a large city of nearly 34,000 people. This city offers a rural setting in Northwest Indiana and is home to the famous Popcorn Festival that honors Orville Redenbacher. This is a location that has been traditionally used for farming but that has become a more urban setting over the course of the years.

Valparaiso is located near Merrillville, which offers up lots of shopping, retail, dining, and cinema options. This pretty town is also located near Chicago, which makes it a great jumping-off location for lots of fun things to do as well as museum visits. Valparaiso is also close to the dune near Lake Michigan, making this a great place to live if you love to have access to lots of beautiful countryside and scenery.