Dog Training Mount Prospect
Mount Prospect , Illinois (IL) Mount Prospect provides a professional dog training service in Mount Prospect and surrounding areas.

Are you searching for a sincere and reliable dog training center near the Mount Prospect area of Illinois? You have come to the ideal place. is the prime location for you. We provide different types of effective training programs such as obedience-aggression training, private training sessions, and immersion classes.

Our staff and trainers have rich exposure to dog training, and they know how to supervise a dog of any breed. Irrespective of your dog’s age, breed, or gender, our trainers will properly guide and help them in the course training.

Private Lessons

We introduce you to our private training program if you wish to join the sessions to a greater scope. You will have the freedom to collaborate with our instructors, who will advise you in building the most vital skills you and your dog can master.

Any problems that may arise before, during or after, shall be dealt with and solved by our staff. We also provide you the option to choose where you’d like to carry the training sessions. It can be at the comfort of your own home, or it can be our exclusive training facility with many features.


If you want the perfect blend, we strongly recommend that you attend the Day Camp session, which includes private instruction as well as intensive training courses. Even if you’re busy with work all day, don’t worry; leave your dogs with us, and our seasoned trainers will watch after them for the whole day taking care of all their needs. Your dog will be involved in many fun activities and training sessions.

If your dog is specially-abled and has particular needs, we’ll take care of that too. There’s nothing for you to worry about. All services are available to you seven days a week, and at the end of the day, we will give you the resources you need to keep the good work up at home.

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Board & Train

We are very well aware that all dogs do not behave the same. Sometimes they can be friendly, and sometimes not. If you’re having trouble controlling a nervous, timid, or violent dog, the best way to modify their behavior is to provide one-on-one, intense training.

Once you have enrolled in this program, your dog will be left in the care of our professional trainers for a predetermined number of days where your dog will be attending many fun attention-improving sessions, including fun outdoor activities. Towards the end of this session, your dog will become a well-behaved, well-mannered member of your family.

Group Classes

You and your dog will access our Group Training program once the initial day camp training has been completed. Here, your dog will be exposed to other fellow dogs. All of these sessions shall take place in a controlled and well-monitored environment.

In between the training sessions, we will progressively increase the levels of distractions to watch and study your dog’s improvement. By learning how your dog reacts to particular situations, our trainers will make necessary changes to the training method to ensure that your dog gets practical training.

With these group training sessions, we can gradually develop your dog’s character when they face external environmental factors such as other animals and people, instead of confining them in the four corners of a room. We make sure to put these classes in various dog-friendly parks, beaches, and other venues to roam freely.


Mount Prospect is a small village inside the townships of Wheeling and Elk Grove in Cook County, Illinois. This village is about twenty miles northwest of Downtown Chicago and four miles north of O’Hare International Airport.

The point of interest in this village is Randhurst Village, various restaurants, Park Districts of Mount Prospect, River Trails, Arlington Heights, and Des Plaines that provide year-round health and fitness activities.