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Seattle , Washington (WA) Seattle provides a professional dog training service in Seattle and surrounding areas. dog training Seattle provides professional puppy and dog training to Seattle, WA and surrounding areas including Lake Stevens, Woodinville, Bothell, Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood, Mercer Island, Redmond, Median, New Castle, Shoreline, and Sammamish. Perhaps you have seen dogs that walk alongside their owners, behaving perfectly in parks, outdoor restaurants, stores, and other public places, and wished your dog would be the same. We’re here to help you make that happen with a variety of training programs that can be tailored to your needs. We work with any dog regardless of their breed, age, or the problems you’re having. Our dog trainers specialize in solving some of the most difficult problems experienced with dogs including not coming when called, jumping, chewing, leash pulling, barking, aggression, and more. Take a look at what we offer and contact us for a free dog training consultation if you have any questions.

At dog training Seattle, we know that while bringing your new puppy home can be exciting, it can also be quite challenging. We’re here to take some of the stress away from you with our puppy training program, which is customized to your needs to help your puppy progress successfully through adolescence and into adulthood. We’ll work through some of the most challenging and frustrating issues that you will often face with a new puppy such as potty training, crate training, leash training, and dealing with unwanted chewing and play biting. Then, we’ll move onto training your puppy some basic obedience skills and work on any other specific issues you have noticed to nip them in the bud at this crucial developmental stage. With a low puppy-to-teacher ratio, these classes are ideal to get your puppy trained earlier and make your life easier in the future.

Private Lessons

If your dog requires more individualized attention to succeed with training, or you’d prefer to be as involved as possible with the training process, our one-on-one lessons program could be the best choice for you. Our trainers will work with you to teach you our obedience training regimen and how to apply it in your daily life to get the best results from training your dog. We’ll work around your schedule to ensure that your dog is getting the positive attention and feedback that they need consistently, including evening and weekend lesson options to fit your needs.


Our Immersion Day Train program is our most popular program and is designed to take the stress of training your dog off you. Our trainers work hard to make sure that your dog gets the professional attention that they need. It’s an ideal choice for busy dog owners since you’ll drop your dog off with us in the morning for the day, where we’ll handle the rest. Your dog will have a fun day receiving customized, one-on-one training from their trainer and be fully immersed in the training process. You’ll get a one-on-one lesson at the end of the day when you collect your dog to keep you up to speed on what they’ve learned and provide you with strategies to keep the good work up. After the program is complete, you’ll get access to lifetime group classes to keep practicing together.

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Board & Train

This program is for those who want to get a happy and well-behaved dog quickly. Your dog will be boarded with our professional trainer who will spend a few days with them visiting various locations and immersing them in training.

We offer a range of Board and Train programs designed for anybody from dogs who need a little help with the foundational stages of training to those who want to train their dogs to a seriously high standard. It’s a great option for helping your dog with various behavioral problems or to get your dog’s training to a great start. Your trainer will work intensively with your dog to accomplish a huge amount of training in just one week.

Group Classes

While your dog can learn a lot of skills from working privately with our trainers, how they apply these skills in real-life settings is the true test of their abilities. Clients who have completed private classes can access our group class program, which is a fun, social setting that allows you and your dog to practice what you’ve learned around distractions. Your dog can practice holding their focus, listening to you, and build their confidence around other people and dogs. It’s a great way to stay involved in your dog’s training and meet other dogs and owners that you can learn from.


Seattle is a city located on the United States West Coast. It is the largest city in both Washington State and the Pacific Northwest Region, with an estimated population of 3.98 million. It is located on an isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, a Pacific Ocean inlet. It is the northernmost large city in the US and a significant gateway for Asian trade. The city has a long history with music, particularly Jazz, and was the birthplace of the early careers of several notable jazz artists including Quincy Jones and Ray Charles. It is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and the place of origin of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and the Foo Fighters. The mild temperature in Seattle allows outdoor recreation all year round. Green Lake is a popular area for dog walkers, and Discovery Park is the largest park in the city. The nearby Cascade and the Olympic Mountains are popular for hiking and skiing.