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Paw Paw , Michigan (MI) Paw Paw provides a professional dog training service in Paw Paw and surrounding areas. cares about your relationship with your canine friend. We offer professional dog and puppy training services and experiences in the Paw Paw Michigan area. Meet with one of our trainers one-on-one for private lessons, or have your dog join one of our immersion classes. No matter what breed, temperament, or age of the dog you own, we can help you to foster and create the perfect relationship with your canine companion.

Dog training does not have to be a struggle when you have the right team on your side, and we can offer you the means to connect with talented professionals who know all there is to know about dog training. From basic obedience skills to advanced training, our team can help you and your canine friend to bond and learn together!

Private Lessons

If you want to be involved in a hands-on manner with your dog’s training, we can help you to do just that! We make it possible for you to sign up for private lessons so that you and your dog can work with a trainer without any distractions. This can be the perfect fit for dogs that are easily distracted or to work on behavioral issues related to aggression or recall. Our talented training staff can help you with any of your dog training needs during these one-on-one lessons.


Day camps are a great option if your dog needs some more personal time with a trainer. You can drop your canine partner off at one of our locations, and our experienced trainers will work with them for a full day. That is 8 hours of training to work on all kinds of issues or to identify areas that need improvement. This program is offered 7 days a week and is open to all kinds of dogs. You can schedule convenient pick-up and drop-off to make this easier for you and your dog.

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Board & Train

If your dog needs some long-term time to work with our team, you can drop them off for a board & train experience. These extended stays can be for a set number of days, and your dog will work with our certified trainers to learn new skills and work on problem areas in a fun and low-pressure environment. This is a full-immersion style of training that benefits all breeds of dogs, and your dog will perform all kinds of skills with our experienced trainers. Being given the chance to work with your dog one-on-one for a set period of time can establish an excellent base of knowledge that can be very helpful when you and your dog return to working together in lessons.

Group Classes

Group classes are a great chance for you to work with your canine friend to learn new skills and work on socialization. Your canine friend can learn new skills along with you and work in groups with other dogs that are on the path to education. You will find that group classes give you the chance to get out of your rut and interact with other dog owners in a new environment. These classes are held in dog-friendly locations like parks, public spaces, and dog-friendly stores. These are the perfect classes to bring dogs, both you and old, to improve their skills and learn new training techniques.


Paw Paw is a delightful village in the county of Van Buren. This pretty little town has been around since 1837, and it is located near the branches of the Paw Paw River in the Southwestern part of Michigan. This is a quiet area that is known for its peaceful beauty and its idyllic quiet.

This area is home to Michigan’s older winery, St. Julian Winery. This is the wine country of Michigan, and many people come here each year to experience wine tasting and see the vineyards.

This area is well-known for growing grapes and for its Wine and Harvest Festival, which happens on Labor Day Weekend every year. Come here for some grape stomping, to see Maple Lake, or to see the famous Paw Paw trees that gave the river and the town its name. This little village was the primary setting of the musical Dear Edwina and has a population of 3,500 people.