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Denver , Colorado (CO) Denver provides a professional dog training service in Denver and surrounding areas.

Here at dog training Denver, we’ve been delivering the highest levels of fun and control to dogs and their owners, even around severe distractions, for over fifteen years. We offer a range of dog training programs to suit a wide range of needs and to work with any dog, regardless of their breed, size, age, or personality. We work with you to take your relationship with your dog further than problem behaviors like not coming when called, jumping, chewing, and lunging. Imagine if your dog had the skills to control her energy and impulse. You could easily have guests over, enjoy hikes, and do all manner of things together while being able to trust your dog to behave. With a training facility and programs that are designed to build results, our reputation for dog training is well-documented in Denver. Get in touch today to discuss your dog’s needs and schedule your free training evaluation.

Private Lessons

Whether you’d like to bond with the new puppy or dog that you have just added to your family or simply want to be as involved as possible with your dog’s training, our Private Training program is an ideal fit for you. You’ll be working one-on-one with our professional trainers to learn how to create positive and rewardable behaviors in your dog. Our trainers will show you how to demonstrate the leadership that your dog needs to allow a lifetime of freedom and happiness for you both. We encourage the whole family to get involved and are flexible with schedules to suit your lifestyle.


If you’d like to be a participant in your dog’s training but aren’t sure where to start, the Day Train program could be the perfect choice for you. It’s the ideal program for those who want a jump-start with their dog’s training but would also like to keep their dog at home with them at night and continue their learning. Drop your dog off for the day with our award-winning, experienced trainers, and enjoy a private lesson when you come to collect them. We will tailor the private lessons to fit your lifestyle and training goals and encourage the whole family to get involved and connect with your dog.

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Board & Train

Do you want only the best results for your dog, but lead a busy lifestyle that makes training at home difficult? Or, perhaps you’re planning to be out of town for a while and want a boarding option for your dog that will return them to you happier and better-trained. If this sounds like you, our Board and Train dog training Denver program is the best option for you. You’ll leave your dog with us for a period where our professional trainers will help them learn how to be a happy, confident, and obedient companion for you while addressing any problem behaviors. At the end of the program, we will work with you to show you how to maintain these new good habits and behaviors with private lessons and group classes to follow up.

Board and Tune:

Once your dog has graduated from one of our other programs, you can access our Board and Tune program, where your dog will stay in our excellent facility under the care of our professional trainers. It’s the perfect alternative to a traditional boarding kennel if you are planning to go on vacation since your dog gets the chance to refresh their focus and skills with regular refresher training sessions, group classes, and more.

Paws to Educate Program:

If you work in the pet industry in a job where you’re often around dogs, can address your staff regarding a number of dog training topics such as bite prevention or dealing with behavioral problems. We’ll provide snacks or lunch and give your workforce important tips and information to keep people and pets happy and safe.


Denver is the capital and most populous city in the US state of Colorado. It’s located on the western edge of the High Plains in the South Platte River Valley. The Globalization and World Cities Research Network rank Denver as a Beta world city. It’s nicknamed the ‘mile-high city’ due to its official elevation being one mile above sea level. It has 78 official neighborhoods with the character varying significantly from one to the other. Many were developed after World War II and are more modern than others. Denver is a key trade point for the US, as it is home to several large corporate headquarters.